By Anonymous - United States
Today, I got a well paying job that requires me to drive around and present a product to potential customers. After going out for a victory meal with friends, I came home to find my car broken into, and my GPS stolen. I need it for the job. FML
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  turdburgers  |  0

It's a lot easier just to use a gps. Mapquest is hardly reliable, and kind of dangerous if you have to keep looking down at a piece of paper instead of focusing on the road. If you have a gps to talk to you, you can keep your eyes on where you're going, plus if you make a wrong turn it'll recalculate the route automatically.

  GDI  |  0

Although I wouldn't have put it so.... bluntly - amen bro.

You act like GPS is God or somethin. I hope you're not one of those people who thinks "Hey, my GPS is telling me to make a right on these railroad tracks. I GUESS I SHOULD!!!"

In which case, I would say - you absolutely deserve it. Spend 5 minutes typing the address into Google Maps, and problem solved....

  Jotne  |  0

Hail perdix, god of delicious truth!

They have this wonderful, analogue GPS system these days, called maps. Brilliant things, they operate without power, they're mobile and they follow standardized systems - no instruction manual to tackle, no software bugs, very easy to use. Sounds wonderful, right? Check it out!