By Anonymous - 04/11/2009 20:39 - United States

Today, I got a well paying job that requires me to drive around and present a product to potential customers. After going out for a victory meal with friends, I came home to find my car broken into, and my GPS stolen. I need it for the job. FML
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Maybe now you can buy a new one to go with your new well-paying job.

angelbug 0

If it's vector or selling knives, your gps isnt your only problem


Thats what you get for being a door to door salesman and for leaving your GPS in your car. Smart.

you NEED one? what do you think people did before they were commonplace? and that was BEFORE google maps and everything...

americayay 0

Agreed. You don't NEED a GPS. If nothing else, you can just mapquest your path for the day until learning your way around the city.

It's a lot easier just to use a gps. Mapquest is hardly reliable, and kind of dangerous if you have to keep looking down at a piece of paper instead of focusing on the road. If you have a gps to talk to you, you can keep your eyes on where you're going, plus if you make a wrong turn it'll recalculate the route automatically.

ya um mapquest is ******. use google maps

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but you should of took it down and hid it =/ but that does suck

Maybe now you can buy a new one to go with your new well-paying job.

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door to door salesman i see, it isnt Kirby by chance it it?

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wow that sucks... well your getting paid now, buy a cheap inexpensive one off ebay

angelbug 0

If it's vector or selling knives, your gps isnt your only problem

You took the words right out of my mouth. Well, fingers, technically. Either way, OP, I honestly hope it wasn't Vector.

Honestly, it might be a good thing if he lost the GPS...he'll end up losing the job and won't have to work for Vector. This may be a blessing in disguise, OP.

I want to punch the OP in the stomach for thinking that commission based sales = "a well paying job" You're a pimple on society.

perdix 29

You need a map, you spoiled, little bitch! Do you think the world didn't operate until GPS came along? Learn to navigate, asswipe.

Although I wouldn't have put it so.... bluntly - amen bro. You act like GPS is God or somethin. I hope you're not one of those people who thinks "Hey, my GPS is telling me to make a right on these railroad tracks. I GUESS I SHOULD!!!" In which case, I would say - you absolutely deserve it. Spend 5 minutes typing the address into Google Maps, and problem solved....

Hail perdix, god of delicious truth! They have this wonderful, analogue GPS system these days, called maps. Brilliant things, they operate without power, they're mobile and they follow standardized systems - no instruction manual to tackle, no software bugs, very easy to use. Sounds wonderful, right? Check it out!

Since you're job is well paying, you shouldn't have a hard time buying a new one? Until then, suck it up... this is hardly even an FML.

Ever seen Bicycle Thieves? You probably should.