By Anonymous - / Wednesday 4 November 2009 20:39 / United States
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It's a lot easier just to use a gps. Mapquest is hardly reliable, and kind of dangerous if you have to keep looking down at a piece of paper instead of focusing on the road. If you have a gps to talk to you, you can keep your eyes on where you're going, plus if you make a wrong turn it'll recalculate the route automatically.


Although I wouldn't have put it so.... bluntly - amen bro. You act like GPS is God or somethin. I hope you're not one of those people who thinks "Hey, my GPS is telling me to make a right on these railroad tracks. I GUESS I SHOULD!!!" In which case, I would say - you absolutely deserve it. Spend 5 minutes typing the address into Google Maps, and problem solved....


Hail perdix, god of delicious truth! They have this wonderful, analogue GPS system these days, called maps. Brilliant things, they operate without power, they're mobile and they follow standardized systems - no instruction manual to tackle, no software bugs, very easy to use. Sounds wonderful, right? Check it out!

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