By Anonymous - United States - Brooklyn
Today, we had a meeting at my job and we had to introduce new ideas to our boss. Earlier, I was talking to one of my close friends who also attended the meeting about my idea. As we start the meeting, she decides to steal my idea and take complete credit for it. My boss loves "her" idea. FML
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  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Confront her and make her feel really guilty about what she did. If she actually ever thought of you as a friend then maybe she will feel bad and fess up. If not, then you know not to trust her again.

  zsaddayz  |  16

I don't think making her feel bad would really do anything... If she was shitty enough to blatantly steal her close friend's idea... OP I think keeping your distance is the best idea. I might confront your boss about her stealing your idea if you are really upset about it. But then it's a "he said she said" deal and I don't know if you will really gain anything from that... Sorry OP.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Just make sure your revenge doesn't make you look bad at the office. You don't want to lower yourself to her level, but lowering yourself halfway to her level is fine. ;)

  NiceGuysDoWin  |  21

I don't necessarily agree with that. Some of my best friends are people I met through a job I had 10 years ago, even though none of us work at the same company anymore, we've all remained friends for a decade. There are real friends and 'fake friends' in every walk of life, regardless of where you meet them.

  salvorican  |  24

There are just some things that can't be shared with a coworker no matter how close they are to you. You leave yourself open to be taken advantage of.

By  Godsofdracos  |  15

Let your boss know, if he asks around and finds out, that's an integrity issue on her part and she could be terminated; that is, if it really bothers you enough to get a backstabbing friend fired.

  skittyskatbrat  |  19

Depends on how it is approached. Idea...point out that you worked hard to come up with a good idea that would advance the company, and that the idea was presented as their own by a coworker. That person is now being rewarded for something that they are unable to come up with on their own; it is not only theft from the company, but it discourages contribution from the capable employees in the future. Ask the boss how, in the future, you should claim your intellectual contribution when the credit is misallocated to someone less competent and ethical; by email, by phone, etc.
If you mention this to another coworker, it's also entirely possible that THEY will mention to the boss that so-and-so is stealing credit for the accomplishments of others.

  xivoricbutterfly  |  25

Im in a class for business and I literally just learned that you should never tell your ideas to anyone or they will take credit for it or try too