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Today, my boyfriend told me he doesn't share food after I tried taking a chip from him. I made popcorn that night, and when he tried to take some, I said, "I'm sorry, I don't share food" to get him back. His response? "I can tell." FML
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Aaaaaand then I reread this fml, and realized I'm an idiot, as he started it, she retorted and he took it up a notch into ******** mode. :p Commence the thumb burial, please.


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Aaaaaand then I reread this fml, and realized I'm an idiot, as he started it, she retorted and he took it up a notch into ******** mode. :p Commence the thumb burial, please.

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Lol, having to re-read the FML is usually the excuse for this

It isn't an excuse; it is usually how it happens. Most of us have done it. It's rare someone catches themselves before they are buried under 10 comments, where nearly all state the same thing, "Reread the post!"

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Haha!!! I was just thinking that! Too funny.

I'd tell him...."No...That's just because I don't share sex. Enjoy going solo tonight!" then commence to eat your popcorn! lol

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

Yes, because men are the only ones who enjoy sex.

no men aren't the only one's that enjoy sex but it normally bothers them more than us and he deserves it he did make a rude joke about her weight.

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

What? No way! Women enjoy sex as well!? Please excuse me, I must report this to the men of this world.

Lol. someone seems a little bitter about women & sex! Is it "not being shared" with you? :p

sounds like a singles comment, or one from someone outside of a serious relationship.

I don't think it bothers any1 not to sleep with you

wlddog 14

I feel just fine not sleeping with them. Shoot. I don't sleep with a LOT of people. Whats the opposite of a ****?

just because someone mentions sex, does not in any way make them a ****, fyi.

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I don't share food/drinks either... But it's honestly fine with food not connected to each other... Or maybe you're one of those that sticks your entire hand in, dirtying everything. Ah well, he could still hand you some.

I'm pretty sure that whole thing was about her being fat. He didn't want to share with her to help her lose weight, and he told her he "can tell" that she doesn't share, meaning she eats too much.

RpiesSPIES 27

Honestly, that isn't the only possibility, though. 'I can tell' could just mean he acknowledged her right then and there without implying she was fat. Jumping to the worst possible conclusions, at minor moments like this, isn't good for one's mind. You must still consider all the other reasons.

RpiesSPIES 27

What I mean is that you could just look at a reply as something that DOESN'T hold an obscure insult within it. It could be possible he meant it, and that he could have not. It's all based on the tone of his voice when he said it. Also, no, I would not share food if it's something along the lines of ice cream, but I would gladly kiss her :)

70- Considering the bodily fluids my wife and I swap regularly, sharing my ice cream with her isn't something I even think twice about, it's just "par for the course." ;)

Jackie, that's exactly what a fat girl would say

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Ahhhh I just watched that episode again lmao

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Well you had the choice of either forgive and forget or retaliation and seems your self-esteem paid the price.

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Basically, he implied you look like Dudley Dursley.

I wonder then if this OP ran into the OP who was mistaken for a Dementor...

I only have one thing to say here "JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD"

Mister_Triangle 21

Or Oprah...or Rosie O'Donnel...or Santa Clause...or literally any other overweight person. Edit: ignore this, was meant for 17

21, Wow, I thought that was just a weak copout judging by how applicable your reply is to both comments.