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  GhostFox  |  33

Gender neutral and mixed-gender college housing is becoming more readily available in many places. Partly for safety and comfort of people who are transgender, intersex, and/or express their gender in less common ways. The other part is for people like OP and his now-ex who want to live together, or people with opposite gender friends that they would prefer being roommates with over a stranger. There's fairly common lists of colleges that have them on the internet.

By  SataySticks  |  13

Omg. The same thing happened to me. My bf broke up with me and we can't break the lease which ends in January. We are both stuck here until then. (And our landlord won't let us swap in new tenants)

  MitiMiki  |  16

In California, if a tenant needs to break a lease, the landlord must make a good faith attempt to re-rent the property in a timely manner in order to minimize cost to the leasee. In other words, you can always break a lease, legally. Check your local laws, and if you can find a suitable renter to take over the lease, present the option to your landlord.

By  annalily5  |  28

Oh dear heavens this is why you should never live with a person you're dating in a dorm situation (particularly if you're a new couple). Breaking up and being trapped is not a good situation to be in.