By XxHinkaixX - 01/08/2010 02:28 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I were looking through an old photo album of mine. I turned to a page with a picture of me on my last day of college. I thought the picture was quite nice. He turned to me and said, "Don't worry, I take bad pictures too." FML
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SirWhatsHisFace 0

What, is he a photographer?

slap him. with yo tits


that's when you slap him in the face son

that's when you slap him in the face son

YDI for going to college.

islandjew247 0

wow, rude??♥

cubanchick 0

today is my 18th birthday =]

lol this isn't an fml. everyone takes at least 1 bad pic so stop whining.

If bad pictures are are FML worthy, then FML too.

lolololol dnt feel bad !!

luckymay 0

yeah I mean just look at your profile pic ;) JK

36- op doesn't have one... or maybe I just can't see it cuz I'm on my itouch?

Eminem sucks. Just sayin'.

lol. you don't even know when you look ugly.

YDI for thinking your picture looks nice

Happy Birthday!!!! :-)

see it's funny because Lego hasn't told us why it's funny. Wait, why is it funny? Lego where are youuuuuuu?!?

xesyeso 0

ydi for being ugly

YourEvilHero 12

bitch slap your bf like I bitch slap my cat

ruby84 1

oh for God's sake! F his life for being with an oversensitive crybaby like yourself.

skroal did you ever think that if you would have went to college that you would not be the low life scumbag that you are?

pwincessa23 1

yup 34

awww man, that sucksss, ditch the guy, if he was always that shallow, then why was he staying with you? he is verr mean :/

degrassilovur 0

ouch. what a nice bf u hav >.<

haha eminem is the shit!! wayto go 36

pendatik, nope didn't go to college but still make over 80,000 a year as an aircraft tech so oh well. you fail.

It's funny because legonut hasn't commented yet

is funny because you tought it was nice but he said you look ugly

was that ur way of showing off that u hav an itouch? cuz that comment was rlly unnessesary!

Pendatik, So who cares that I can't structure a sentence? I don't care that you make more than me if you are telling the truth. I am happy with my non-structured sentence making abilities. I ain't gunna worry about it. My life is wonderful. My original issue was Op getting slammed because she made or at least tried to make something out of her life by getting higher education. Take your grammar issues elsewhere. Just remember that the next time you take a flight that my poor grammar ass might have worked on your plane. I hope I fix them better than my sentence structure abilities. LOL

ydi for not taking a good picture

I will tell you one thing. I like your dog.

I am sorry that I called him a scumbag. I took his comment too serious. For that I fail big time. It's all in fun and at times I forget that.

sharkwkrox 0

@ 92...... wtf?!

kevinsp 0

wow that's suckyy.

Why exactly? She thinks that she looks good in that picture, but her bf thinks she even looks better in other pictures or irl. So why is this bad?

SirWhatsHisFace 0

What, is he a photographer?

Jordykins 0

He means he looks bad, not takes them.

SirWhatsHisFace 0

I know that, but the FML said that he "takes bad pictures".

#7 is extremly hottt!!

Arsonnist 3

Bad pictures take him I guess. Yeah yeah, soviet Russia joke.

slap him. with yo tits

superbadd 0

that's not even funny

but it would be hot ;P lol jkjk I'm tired I couldn't think of anything

I'M TIRED |:( I can't think right!

CRrawsum 7

suck it up I always look bad in pics

cubanchick 0

I'm not photogenic either. = oh well life goes on =]

CRrawsum 7

you are goes on

I only look decent in the pics my husband takes of me. Good thing he's a photographer!

if u think u look bad then why did u put a pic up?

I'm assuming the picture you have up was taken by him, then, Jane? Because I really like it. I'm terribly unphotogenic. Safari is telling me that isn't a word, but I'm using it anyway.

ohthebloodygore 16

Not an FML. He's saying you happened to look bad in that picture meaning you don't in others and real life, sheesh woman are so sensitive

Agreed, he wasn't calling you out, he said he doesn't take good photos either. So, no matter OP.

18roses 0

atleast ur pretty in person. just not photogenic.

ahah not everyone is photogentic you knowD; you don't always have to look good in a picture(:

iR0ckSkinnys 3

well that's just his opinion op. it only matters what you think!

FuckMYIife 0

tater tits

SirWhatsHisFace 0

Fried tacos. ;)

i fuckin love a nice pair of tits ;P