By tonedef - United States
Today, after spending weeks working on a song that meant a lot to me, I reluctantly posted it online. The "friend" who'd convinced me to post it, commented, "This is the worst shit I've ever heard." He got 30 likes, along with a barrage of agreeing, equally terrible comments. FML
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  xBethanyC  |  15

He should title his next song "All my friends are dead to me." then someday when he's famous his debut album should be called "Remeber that status?"
But really Op, don't let them get to you. Never give up, because you can only get better. The only way to go now is forward.

By  chabelo  |  10

ok the advice was good, if you are doing something you like don't be ashamed but you got bullied by your friend that sucks.. sorry op now try to make a better song dont give up

  monnanon  |  13

i doubt op was ashamef of his work. i panic posting my stories online because they are very much a part of me and the characters are dear to me. critisism is all well and good but for the person who has poured their all into something it can really hurt.
of course no one should think they are brilliant at something when they are not either but there is such a thing as constructive critisism


41- Yet EVERYONE shares their opinions over the Internet, whether we want them or not. The very basis of fmylife is to pass judgment on whether OP deserved it or not. Opinion.

Get real, girl.

  TheBrochure  |  22

OP, if you're reading, don't listen to #9! Where there's a will, there's a way! Even if it boils down to just the fact that you love doing it (or get some kind of intrinsic reward out of it), that is reason enough to keep doing it.

By  mariazzz  |  5

Good on you for posting it. It takes courage and your so called friend could've been a little nicer, however you're not going to please everyone. Expect some criticism.

By  Fedezzer  |  20

As long as I can't offer any sort of comfort, if it's not any good then I'm not going to lie, I can say: all musicians start somewhere. This is just a beginning, carry on and it could be something great.