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Today, marks my fifth day being an English teacher's assistant. I spent it like the other four days: grading and editing terrible Teen Wolf, One Direction and Doctor Who high school fan-fiction. Six months until I get out of here. FML
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Good luck with reading stories that start all innocent, cute and lovely... And always end with gay sex :)


friedpwnadge 25

A steady supply of smut, and you're complaining? Some people have all the luck.

Did anyone notice that OP wrote "sixth months" instead of "six month"? Not the grammar I'd expect from an English teacher... :)

I don't understand how teachers can deal with out of control students for years. I can't do it for 10 minutes!

RedPillSucks 31

It doesn't say the kids are out of control, just bad writers. They're in school after all. This is an opportunity for the teacher to correct something, instead of bitching about it.

onealmxwilson 18

16, six months is correct in this situation

This teacher is obviously not a Whoovian. Probably some Twitard.

At least you're not the teacher who has had to do it for years

Why would she take it (or would it be turned in) if she didn't mind it or didn't ask for it.

The actual teacher could have just asked for a story, not expecting fan fiction of popular shows

You never know, a psychotic event caused by reading so much mindless drivel could have you out of there far sooner than six months.

There's nothing wrong with Twilight fan-fiction! *holds notebooks close*

Twilight fan fiction is probably better than the published story.

Doc, you posted about optimism being bad just yesterday! I'm not gonna get that picture out of my head any time soon. Are you really letting your guard down so fast?!

perdix 29

#7, "50 Shades of Grey" started as Twilight fan fiction. You're probably incubating some high-quality literature;)

blinkingstarlet 15

50 Shades was not quality literature! There were so many mistakes in the first chapter alone, I couldn't even finish reading that chapter, let alone the entire book! And some people read the whole awful series!!!

i dont know, have you seen 50 shades of grey. originally a twilight fan fic

It could be worse- it could be MLP fan fiction.

TheDrifter 23

If op had a clopper in the class this fml would be coming to us from a mental health facility.

Hey now, there's some /really/ good MLP fanfiction believe it or not, and this is coming from a guy who doesn't like fanfiction. If I remember correctly, some of them are even being turned into actual books!

I know. The vast majority of it is horrible.

54, even stopped clocks are right twice a day.

To be fair, not all of MLP fanfiction is terrible. There happens to be some really good ones. You probably just don't like MLP. If you haven't even read any of it, please read some. You might like it.

hunts19ketchup 23

#144, No, I am certain that I won't like it.

@144: I'm not sure why someone who dislikes a show would like fanfiction of it. My main problem with MLP fanfiction is that a lot of it has sex and gore. And the writer thinks they're being deep and edgy. I love the show as it is, it doesn't need Pinkie Pie mudering Rainbow Dash or Sweetie Belle being anally violated by Big Macintosh or whatever. Now, parodies are exempt from this to some degree. But I'd still prefer not to see any pony getting anally violated. Gotta draw the line somewhere.

Good luck with reading stories that start all innocent, cute and lovely... And always end with gay sex :)

Guys who downvote #8 probably haven't seen the amount of slash stories on Harry Potter fora, back in the days.

I was going to say, I certainly wouldn't have submitted any of MY fanfiction to my teacher! And then I remembered that not all of it involves smut. And then I remembered that I actually did send a teacher one of my fanfics once. Ooops.

I agree with number five. Unless you're a brony, of course. But, seriously, good luck.

I'm a high school English teacher. Sometimes, it's quite difficult to get the kids minds on writing. If this teacher has to emplore them to write by allowing them to write this, go with it. It's not always the content of the writing; grammar, punctuation, and spelling are the major factors.

The teacher is trying to find common ground probably. Look at it this way. At least they're interested in their projects.

It's not creative for them to use another person's characters, theme, and general plot. Everyone fantasizes about fictional characters. Putting those fantasies into a paper (usually) riddled with grammatical errors, plot holes, eroticism, incoherent babble, and self gratification isn't creativity but a lack of it. When I was in school we weren't allowed to plagiarize.

I don't know, it seems kind of silly. I always loved writing but it took me a while to get comfortable enough to do fanfiction. Its definitely not something I would turn it at school. It just doesn't seem appropriate. I think fanfiction is great, but that's something one should do on their own time. Like making silly youtube videos with your friends. There's nothing wrong with it, but would you turn one of those in for a video class? No! There's things you do for fun, like write fanfiction, and things you do for school and work. The students could easily make their own characters based on characters they already know, but the point of writing in school is not to make the teacher fangirl over some fictional character, the point is to practice and develop good writing skills.

86 - It's an English class, not creative writing. By your logic, every student who's ever had to write a paper on a book they've read in English class is plagiarizing. Schools would be empty.

There's a difference between writing a paper about another work and submitting a paper that's supposed to be original set in an already established fictional world with characters created by someone else. I didn't say it's not good to write, no matter what the subject; I said it's not what I'd consider creativity.

I disagree 86. Fanfiction is not lack of creativity! What about all the TV Shows and films made based on books...especially TV Shows, they don't always follow the book they change things and add things that never happened in the book. They write the story based in that world with the characters but they add new ones that never existed and events that never happened that is still fanfiction being produced as a usually successful TV Show or Film.

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

87- Have you ever read fan fiction? The only part people are using is the characters. Besides the use of someone else's character(s), the theme and plot is completely up to the imagination of the fan fiction writer.

How is that even passable for a school paper? Creative writing was only for one paper the entire time I was in high school. Ps. How the hell do you write fan fiction about a band? "Today I was backstage...." Sounds more worthy of penthouse forum.

Doctor Who x One Direction x Teen Wolf crossover?

Wienerschnitzel_fml 10

The fanfiction usually stars a generic teenage girl who is dating one of the band members, and the story tells of their romantic relationship.

So basically all those daydreams I had of Pink and Gwen Stefani doing me on a bed of money back in the day.... If I was a student now I could write them down and turn them in for a grade. You know for some reason I find myself losing faith in the education system.

Some bands are really interesting and do a lot of weird stuff together. Think about it, they travel the world and they're famous. There's plenty to write about. But most people just write romances that don't have much of a plot. They're not meant to be interesting to everyone, they're meant for a very specific audience.

You are just loosing it? I'm still a student and do you know what the most challenging part of the day is for me. Auto tech. Why? Because I never actually learned any math before that class