By Dark_Cecilia - United States - Fremont
Today, I called the cops on this guy who kept emailing me without revealing who he was. I had told him that if he emailed me again, I would call the cops, so I did. Turns out it was my roommate. FML
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Block email 1-2 button presses. calling police 3-8 (depending if you dialed 911 from a landline or police station from a cell). Choice 1 required no further effort. Choice 2 requires all kinds of drama. Honestly never knowing it was OPs roommate would probably end up better for everyone.

  sagabeans  |  12

wait until you get an email with details of your address and family and a threat to harm them... This may be an extreme example, but email threat is a threat nonetheless

  amileah13  |  26

You're basically implying that it's okay for her to lay down and let whatever happen to her be allowed. What if he had darker intentions and wanted to rape her? Would you say "shh, just lay down and let it happen" now? Would you blame her for it? Next time think about what you're going to comment on and with what because you'll either get positive votes for it or negative and it's clear what this one was.

By  amileah13  |  26

This needs a follow up!