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Today, I heard a rumor about myself going around my high school that I am pregnant, I've dropped out of school, and that my belly is showing. I'm not actually pregnant. I've been severely depressed, so I've missed a few days of school and I've been eating too much apparently. FML
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Welcome to high school. The place where the ****** become bigger ******, the rumors are crueler, the idiots stay idiotic, and... Everyone gets the picture. I know what it's like OP. My freshman year, not even halfway through, all the people I grew up with were spreading the worst rumors ever. It's true when they say everyone's waiting to say something bad about someone else. Hopefully, you won't have to start over at a new school like I did and you'll be able to properly treat your depression. In a few years, no one will even care. I'm out of high school now and I could care less; whoever started everything is hardly my friend anymore. You're probably a freshman or sophomore. It gets better, trust me. However, if your depression is affecting your attendance, you really should be seeking help. It's only for the best. [/serious comment]

i'm sure that rumor helped your depression a lot :[ haha fyl


i'm sure that rumor helped your depression a lot :[ haha fyl

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it's ridiculous people every other fml is like "wha I'm depressed!" I hope people aren't confusing sadness with depression. because to be truly depressed you have to feel thy way for atleast 2 weeks not waking up one day " hmm I think I'm gonna be depressed today."

I really hope they know the difference too. And I also sit here and have a little giggle at the people who say (with the best intentions) "go and do something you enjoy!" LOL if only it was actually that easy to snap out of an illness that can take away cognitive functioning and the total will to live. BUT if you actually do have real full-blown depression and not just a case of the occasional sadsies (if you have the latter, congrats - you're a normal human being) go see a doctor! It's a real illness and can be treated :)

Hey, there's a funny site like FML but where visitors can tell their darkest secrets to everybody! it's

two weeks? it takes longer to diagnose clinical depression. this kid could be clinically depressed or not- u don't know any of that just from her FML.

darl you have nothing to worry about. there was a rumour that I was pregnant and everyone still believes that when it's been over a year since the whole rumour happened and nothings showing. haha immature losers :)

See my comment on the bra clasp busting open FML. I think the exact applies here. I'm just sayin.

same thing happened to me in high school. my dad had cancer so I quit cheerleading and dance and gained a bunch of weight. people said I was getting married and pregant. they constantly asked when I was due. I told them I was just a fatass now and that going from skinny to fat is not uncommon. after high school when no baby actually came and I lost all the weight, they said I had an abortion. dumbasses.

you know what makes me feel better about someone starting a rumor about me? start a rumor about someone else :)

#40- That isn't necessarily true. It depends on how long the person has been struggling with depression before they go talk to someone, and if it runs in their family or not. When I went to the doctor he diagnosed me and started me on a prescription that day because I'd been actively suffering for about 5 years, and my mom, grandmother, and uncle were all diagnosed and on medication to help them.

brianred ur an idiot. starting a rumor wouldn't help the situation, or any other situation for that matter.

yeah it pisses me off when i hear people say they are extremely depressed because they are grounded or something and have no idea what they are actually talking about. i was depressed for 3 years, i could barely go to school at all and i just wanted to sleep all the time. i had a reason though, so i am working that out and am a lot less depressed. but i ate too much too, and i just recently lost all the weight. i'm back in my old jeans now :) if you have a reason, op, tell someone! if not, go see a doctor. well both ways go see a therapist. also, you might want to look into light therapy, just in case you are lacking vitamin d. if you are eating a lot, try to eat healthy food. you will feel better eventually if you get the proper help, so see a therapist asap. good luck, and hope you feel better soon!

I don't mean to be rude, but if you're really depressed, is FMyLife really a good app for you to be using? I understand that depression is not something that can be cured simply by avoiding depressing activities and trying to be involved with happy ones, but I don't think this is helping. By the way, don't pay attention to that rumor. it's just a few kids trying to explain your absence, nothing more. When the Greeks made up myths about constalations, did the stars take it personally?

Exercise and eat healthier to lose the weight. Talk to a therapist about your depression. Eating does NOT cure depression, no matter what fat people think.

no one said she was eating to cheer herself up?

A therapist is like chiropractors meaning they are scam artists!! She needs to quit being selfish and quit flattering herself! There are are people with real/worse problems so GROW UP OP!!!

you're 31 years old, you have kids, and you're on fml flaming a teenager. you don't seem like the one to be handing out that type of advice

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Hey, asshole. Not all fat people eat to be happy. Many eat healthy and exercise, but still can't lose weight.

and therapists aren't scam artists, they help a lot if people see things from a healthier perspective, unfortunately few people can afford them... OP can perhaps talk to a teacher or a counsellor who can help out with the rumour issue.

Stop feeding the troll. Everyone knows a true therapist is a great thing and can help resolve some of the biggest problems. Only an ignorant moron would truly believe otherwise.

How do you know what her problems are? Just because her FML is about a rumour doesn't mean her issues are all trivial.

Oh really now First U find its best to learn from others mistakes! And I reckon your the one who takes whatver pill thats shoved down your throat! Oops I just fed the real troll my bad Ya'all

*you *it's *you're *whatever *that's *y'all if you have to say something stupid, the least you can do is be grammatically correct while being stupid.

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#31 Get a life. They misspelled a word, not that big a deal..

#32 - Actually, it is :) And Cristaderzi - whilst I might agree with you on the issue of chiropractors, I'm also of the opinion that unless you know what you are talking about regarding therapists or the severity of the OP's depressive illness (or how serious depression can be), you should shut up. You're coming across as a total idiot.

My therapist did the same thing. I pretty much owe my life to her.

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@14: you're ignorant. the bottom line being that you can say that type of shit until the cows come home, and you will probably feel pretty great about yourself, but you will not cure this girl's depression. depression can't be cured by "just getting over it". it takes a longass time. anyone who has experienced depression knows this. anyone who hasn't might think it doesn't exist, and that's all well and good, but the truth is that the only people who could think depression doesn't exist are the people who don't know what depression feels like. luckyass people.

14 do you also believe alien spirits called theatens(sp?) are living inside you blocking your true essence from full realization? if so I know a good cult you can join. it comes highly recomended by my other weakminded celebrity friends.

wow, you don't even know why she is depressed. it could be a medical condition, or something really bad could have happened to her. and i happen to have a really good therapist who has helped me a lot. and no, i'm not a whiny baby, i have ptsd from something which i'm not going to tell a bunch of people on the internet. depression is a serious thing, and sure lots of bad things happen to a ton of people, but that doesn't make depression any less real or less devastating.

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#35 they're just words :S so nah it isn't..

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My chiropractor has really helped me a lot w/ my back pains from an accident I was in when I was about 6-7 so I don't feel that they should be criticized by someone who doesn't have an actual problem

Yeah, because calling people fat always works so much better, right, Twiggy?

**** happy pills. they suck more **** than a pornstar.

happy pills make you eat more!! adverse effect ....

Don't let rumors get to you. Either way, FYL.

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looll maybe you will learn Nott to stuff ur mouth full twinkies :)

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it's okay op. just get some help and start working out. it does help. keep your head up kid.

Rumours like that die out pretty quick, don't stress :)

either that or turn into how everyone thinks of you and you get a bad nickname because of it.

Depression is just anger without enthusiasm. Get angry. Then kick some ass and take some names at your school!!

That sucks. I suffer from depression, but I still have to go to school.

as do I... as does everyone. some people take the liberty of putting their mental health before schooling. not necessarily a bad decision... but school is never optional. for me, I especially make sure to go to school when I'm depressed. school is my safe place. and I hate school. but it's still better than staying home.