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Today, after listening to a group of my friends ranting on about how much they love babies and can't wait to have them, I got to witness their looks of horror and disgust as I expressed my desire to not have children. I also happened to be the only girl there. FML
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There's nothing wrong with not wanting to have kids. A lot of people have children who should never have been parents.


I hope you don't live life like the way you've chosen to comment on this FML, otherwise, I'm sorry to say it will be the last good "1st" for you for a while. Just a warning

Steve95401 49

There's nothing wrong with not wanting to have kids. A lot of people have children who should never have been parents.

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To each their own, right? If they can't accept your decision, then maybe they ought to mature up a bit before having children.

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Sorry to derail, but sick beard thing dude

Man to man beard appreciation is never wrong

I have to agree with 2, my family has fostered a lot of children that have come from bad homes, and it is terrifying how badly a bad parent can **** up a child's life

Agreed, I hate how our world teaches women they're useless and disgusting if they don't want children, or don't want marriage for that matter.

This is true, unfortunately many people don't like that. Af if everybody should think kids are the greatest beings in the world. And I know this from experience, as I've had plenty of arguments and fights about this very subject.

Hey OP that's your choice to make, don't worry about them

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Unfortunately OP women are still expected to wants husbands and babies but I've known quite a few women who didn't want kids

Woman aren't expected to want either of these. That's why they become nuns or choose to not have kids. There are woman out there who don't want that.

I agree, but that was a poor choice for an example lol. Funny, but poor.

Just because some women don't want kids does not mean that there isn't still an expectation that we should.

Indeed #72 I think the original post from #5 just meant that sadly there are still some who think a woman's role is to procreate and that, she personally has known some women who have not wanted children either. Still a bit unsure why she is getting thumbed down someone inform me if I'm misinterpreting this.

#73 I think it is the lack of the word some. It is being seen as a generalization about the majority of people instead of a comment on how some people still think that. People on FML don't really like generalizations.

Ah I just assumed she typed it out quickly and a bit was lost in translation

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I did type it out quickly and late at night so I apologize for any miscommunication but yes some people do still expect women to want to be wives and mothers when that's just not for everyone

It's easier to row the Atlantic when you only have to invest in the paddle and boat but none of the rowing, huh?

For everybody who doesn't get the joke, #6 is saying it's easy to want kids when you don't have to carry them inside your body for a long ass time. And it's the funniest shit I've seen all day. Thank you #6.

Thank you, 81! One can only hope that both parents would be involved in the long run and enjoy parenthood, but pregnancy and birth? Yikes! That's a trial and having support along the way can help but it's not the same as experiencing it yourself.

True story! I'd probably be less opposed to the idea of children (even though I truly cannot stand children under 5...the younger they are, the more I despise them) if I wouldn't be the one dealing with nine months of sickness , swelling, and pain, not to mention pushing a watermelon through an exhaust pipe at the end.

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It's all cool to not want to have babies. I don't either. I've had a girl lie to me saying she was pregnant and had a miscarriage. Not everyone is meant to have kids.

I am girl and I don't want to have kids either!

I share your pain, OP. No kids for me please! :)