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I hate when that happens. At least when I'm doing it on purpose I can fart a catchy tune.

I thought that was "shitty situation".


I hate when that happens. At least when I'm doing it on purpose I can fart a catchy tune.

Wonderful. I'm starting a new band on FML. With your expertise, you could lead the um... wind instrument section.

putting the ASS in brass.

I'm still trying to figure out how someone can butt dial with their pants down on the toilet :/ lol

Well that stinks

prepare to be downvoted into oblivion

This is the single most over used pun on FML

I thought that was "shitty situation".

This is just a thread of overused comments and replies--except for 11 because he was giving an example.

#11 is probably the first person I've seen use "shitty situation" without getting thumbed downed so hard their phone freezes.

#15 Why does no one in your age-group know the definition of 'literally'?

#58... I think since it was in regards to farting, literally applies...

Well thats a shitty situation

Better been a damn good fart

He should fart in her mouth!

I'd say it was damn good! Lasted four minutes!!! :-$

Good puun #44. Four For

it's not a pun...

Hey, she's gotta hear you fart eventually, right? it's not like it will damage your relationship in any way so just laugh about it

I will pay so much for seeing her reaction ;-;

That's embarrassing, but also pretty funny. She might think it's funny too and not make a big deal out of it.

Have fun explaining that one! Hopefully she's got a sense of humor and you two can laugh it off.

Everyone farts. Hopefully she finds it hilarious

That's a shitty situation.

...Go sit in the corner.

Actually, do both. That way we don't have to haul your dead body to the corner.

Jesus Christ. Can the mods just put in the Comments Policy to NEVER EVER FUCKING EVER use this, or any variation of this.

Your right #44 somebody just used this and got 40 up votes

If she saves it you know you're the one op.

If she saves it, it may also mean she's The One!

If she sends you one of hers in response, start saving for a nice ring.

Op if she saves it as her ringtone for only your messages and calls. Your da 1