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Today, my racist, homophobic, generally degenerate grandmother visited. Within 20 minutes, she uttered multiple racial slurs, said Robert Downey Jr. will burn in hell for playing a black man in one of his movies, and yelled that she'd "whip the piss" out of me, after I asked her to leave. FML
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  etishuman22  |  32

Like the grandma in "Wedding Crashers". I loved it when she said "I can do it myself, asshole!" to the butler who was trying to help her upstairs.

  MDTeddy  |  13

They are mean and nasty all the time. Look at the history of fmls. They are a bunch of dumbass grandmas who will straight up call you or someone ugly or just end up with you getting hit when offering to help them. I don't help or go near old grandmas unless they ask for help. Sometimes they will yell at you for not helping them. You never win unless you stay away.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

68- that doesn't make it okay. Times have changed, those views are no longer acceptable, and they need to learn that. If they can't change their opinions, fine, but they can at least keep their mouths shut. Being old is no excuse to be an asshole.

  meso222  |  8

Alot of times it is just better to let them spout off whatever abcenity they will and ignore it. Most times they are to old to learn not to or simply don't care. It's like saying fuck, lots of people now say it but in ten years it will be just as bad as any racist slur our grandparents have now. Not to us because we grew up with it but they will look at it differently. (Maybe not fuck but there will words) I will still say them all wether some rugrat tell me its offensive or not...

  kemic  |  7

I think that was the point. What better way of trying to anger this grandmother than by revealing you are a homosexual and your boyfriend is of african-american decent.

Just trying to get her more riled up for fun.

  djxerxes9000  |  18

Way to play it safe and say "African- American" , saying "black" isn't racist and niether is "porch monkey". Nigger is..

*mutters to self "oh please someone understand the reference or I'll look REAL bad. (Although noone knows if im black or not mwhaha)

  VeganVampyre  |  26

You're right. I thought I was lucky to have the loving, cookie-baking type, but now I see how much more interesting and entertaining this other type can be. So many possibilities!