By troll of a gran - 08/01/2013 17:10 - United States - Oklahoma City

Today, I took my grandma to what I thought was a nice movie. An actor used the word "cunt", which prompted her to ask what that word meant in a loud "whisper". She followed up even more loudly with, "Does that mean pussy?" FML
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I love your grandma.

Just be glad she didn't strip down and refuse to put her clothes back on.


I love your grandma.

What an awesome lady!

A Lady of class. Just not a quiet one.

Grandma FTW! What does FTW mean?

perdix 29

#70, Fuck the whores!

I feel like I'm the only one with a grandmother who worships God and doesn't curse or anything like that. I kinda wish I had OP's grandmom sometimes.

Lol be happy most people I know don't have grandmas at all


Fun things wank;)

For the whores!

MriPhoneGuy 3

Can only imagine how op responded to that.

Maybe..... "Grandma!! Wtf"

It kinda reminds me of an Arby's roast beef sandwich...

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19-Thank you for putting that so eloquently. I'm sure the ladies will appreciate it.

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I work at Arby's... Now I'm kind of disturbed... O.o

A taco? As in crumbly and crunchy and cheesy all at the same time? Not to mention green? You might want to go to the doctor, dude, that ain't normal. I have to say, I've never encountered one like that, and if mine was, I'd just become a noun. Honestly, just saying, a roast beef sandwich would be far less disturbing IMO.

Fuck. Become a *nun. Although I guess I'd technically be a noun either way..

Just be glad she didn't strip down and refuse to put her clothes back on.

referring to an older fml.. clever..

Play it off like you were whispering about cats ;) Makes me wonder how long the word has been in use...

slimjim8094 12

It's Old English, and it seems to have been well-known by about 1230.

Though a little embarassing for you, I would have laughed it off. Your grandma's funny.

Haha just tell her after the movie.

I'm curious as to what movie they saw

drf94 1

65, I saw "This is 40" recently, and Paul Rudd told someone to shove something up her "iCunt." Maybe that was it. great movie.

Is your grandma Betty White by any chance?!

Betty white is too awesome to not know what cunt means. She is a really modern women. She is one of the most awesome people to ever live in my book

klovemachine 24

I don't believe Betty White had any children :(

lol, troll gran. fyl op (:

She wasn't really trolling... Just asking if I'm reading correctly.

That is OP s name

Ahh, didn't see that. Thanks

MistaBlista 9

Haha gotta love grandma.

Damian95 16

There's no school like old school I guess.