By troll of a gran / Tuesday 8 January 2013 17:10 / United States - Oklahoma City
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  Synistiel  |  44

I feel like I'm the only one with a grandmother who worships God and doesn't curse or anything like that. I kinda wish I had OP's grandmom sometimes.

  Werken247  |  21

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  Werken247  |  21

@21 You are correct, I've never run into meat curtains. That sounds like a fairly disgusting description for something so yummy. @22 You're welcome, always glad to be of service.

  heliraptor  |  21

A taco? As in crumbly and crunchy and cheesy all at the same time? Not to mention green? You might want to go to the doctor, dude, that ain't normal. I have to say, I've never encountered one like that, and if mine was, I'd just become a noun. Honestly, just saying, a roast beef sandwich would be far less disturbing IMO.

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