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Today, my college professor handed every student a note card and told us to rate his looks from 1 to 5. Is this what I pay $20,000 a year for? FML
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Wow, please tell me you're studying psychology and this turned out to be part of some experiment :O If not, you should definitely complain to his superiors.

gotta get your self esteem from somewhere right?


gotta get your self esteem from somewhere right?

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who the **** pays $20k/year for a typical college/university degree? I know for a fact that 4 years in a regular college to get a degree comes up to approximately $40k in tuition costs...

#43 Actually, a lot of people pay that much. Private colleges typically cost a lot more. I'm not saying that I would pay that much, but a great number of people do. A few of my friends went to a private college where the annual cost was around $35,000. I, on the other hand, went to community college...And I'm not complaining. :)

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The college I am going to is 48k/year. Thanks to financial aid, not all of that comes out of my pocket, but it's expensive now. Even my community college was 10k/year.

How are you paying $10k a year for community? I'm in-state at a university, and I'm paying about $10k a year, with half of it being covered by financial aid.

Well, as long as you play your cards right, it's an easy A.

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10k/year at a CC. You're getting ripped off. I pay 7k/year at my university(CSULA), no financial aid(no room and board, though)... Wow. Wtf are you doing there? Find yourself a good in-state college and get the **** out.

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wtf i go to highschool and it costs 38k a year?

68- Geez, and I thought mine was expensive! I'm paying 25,000 a year (not counting lunch, uniforms, books, etc).

Wow, please tell me you're studying psychology and this turned out to be part of some experiment :O If not, you should definitely complain to his superiors.

This. It could be part of an experiment. Hopefully.

The experiment being the guy payed the professor so he could find out which girls find him hot.

I'm not quite sure I understand your comment. What guy? The professor who asked all his students to rate his looks? The OP who had to rate the professors looks? Or are you implying there was an impostor professor in the room?

I'm implying that some perverted old man payed the professor so that he could take over the class and get some poontang.

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Chibi, tell me you're being sarcastic.

College education is just as much a joke as tuition costs these days. At least in America, it is.

It really is crazy. If you don't get a job that pays enough you could spend a good part of your life paying off student loans for a degree that was supposed to help you get a good paying job. Thankfully Uncle Sam is going to help me pay for college.

Yep. They are making people get college degrees for things that only required training back in the 1950s. What happened to apprentices? People that want to be doctors and such should go to college. Yes. But colleges are capitalizing on the supposed need to have a college degree for everything. That is why they are raising tuition. People still need education and are going to pay for it no matter what.

Lots of good schools outside America...?

probably just gonna use it for grading purposes. 1 = f, 2 = d, etc. dont worry. unless you put a 1 :/

#24 he should get fired for doing this note card thing period unless like the other person said he was doing it for an experiment for a psychology class or something

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so put 5 and make him feel good about himself. then maybe when this stupid activity of his is done you'll learn something useful.

That's some easy work! why are you bitching about it?

I have a feeling there is something you aren't telling us...

you mean like OP's in a "special" school?

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He can get fired for shit like that. Go to the dean and tell them about the incident ASAP.