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Today, my professor handed me back a paper I spent hours hours working on. At the bottom in red it said "D" followed by, "That was a gift." FML
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Spending hours working on something doesn't mean it was any good. You should think about speaking with the writing tutors on your campus.

ask him if it comes with a gift receipt


and ur point is?

That was super pointless number 12.

Why do people believe that just pouring time into something will automatically make it good? If I spend an hour taking a dump, while you spend 15 minutes, we'll still both just end up with a pile of shit. Spending copious amounts of time on something, especially if it's significantly more than others would spend to do the same task, is NOT a sign of extreme effort - it's a sign that you don't really know what you're doing. Spending hours writing a paper doesn't matter in the slightest if the paper you end up writing is on the wrong topic, or you didn't follow the directions, or if you can't string together a complete sentence. That time would be better spent learning to write a good paper.

I signed up specifically to upvote this - it is very true, and something that many people do not understand. Still, I do have sympathy for the OP.

I think OP did hers on the Louisiana Purchase.

I feel for you; been there. Some profs you just can't win with. FYL.

Or maybe OP just wrote a really shitty paper...

Or maybe the professor is a dick. I'm leaning toward that option, since he felt the need to add a snooty comment...

Sick tat. ^^^ Maybe you should ask WHY he gave you a D so you know what needs to be improved on.

I mean, if it's that bad, I'd rather the teacher just give it to me straight...

Time for some Sex-tra credit!

XD that happened to me, but in my case, I got a D minus. srry thou. I know how much it suck...

omg. I just realized that I put my comment after the guy who put sextra credit..... yea it sucks!!!

Spending hours working on something doesn't mean it was any good. You should think about speaking with the writing tutors on your campus.

25-1 kd isn't that impressive.

Well it kind of is. That's 1/3 of his team's kills and he went the whole match dying 1 time. But it wouldn't be impressive though if most of his kills came from a gunship or other killstreaks

How long did it take for the tutors to help you write this?

That was on Nuketown :) And most of my kills were with using my kill streaks, which is actually why I died. If I would've been on my gunner when I first got it I probably wouldn't have died at all. Thanks for the vote of confidence. ;) My final correction is that the 'he' needs to be changed to 'she'. Lol @ the tutor comment. I assure you I didn't take up /that/ much of their time during the composition of my brief FML comment. ;)

is tht xbox or ps3

When Ops first came out we would spend hours only playing Nuketown, it was awesome. Now it hardly ever comes up for me *sadface*

hm...made of of his religion perhaps?

ask him if it comes with a gift receipt

Just like LeBron in the 4th quarter!

just like lebron in any quarter! GO MAVS!

a d is better than an f.....

congrats! you understand what OP's professor was implying!!! holy shit, you're so damn smart!!!!!

Gees, calm down sergeant sarcastic.

12, u mad bro? People on this sight need to take a chill pill...

I would have rather received an f...

In some colleges, a D is an F.

and in some its a 75-84%

Be happy! People usually don't get gifts from their professors..

This definately reminds me of Tommy Boy... OH MY GOD..... I PASSED!