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  buck33  |  14

I don't think OP's wife is necessarily sad about not having Mac and cheese, but more like she's sad about not having something so simple as Mac and cheese. It might be an effect of moving to brazil, everything is just sinking in. Something so common where they came from isn't down there. Kind of a culture shock.

  valleyshooter  |  8

To 103, and op's wife gf w.e. You know Brazil isn't part of the third world and will have macaroni and cheese right?? I'd cry more about the Mosquitos,the venomous snakes or poisonous spiders. Oh and the poison arrow frogs. But I'm sure you'd have to worry about that in the jungle and not a big city like Rio. Bon voyage.

  teameminem  |  2

"Today my pregnant wife cried over something that I don't think is reason to cry over. FML."
Get over yourself bud. She's your wife and she's carrying your child. She suffers morning sickness, cramps and her emotions are running all over the place and you think it's an "FML" moment just because she cried over Mac 'n' cheese? Wow.