By stupidbullcrêpe - 20/08/2012 22:06 - Brazil - Santos

Today, my pregnant wife broke down in tears over the fact that since moving to Brazil for my job, we don't have regular access to macaroni and cheese. FML
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Holy crap, mail order that girl some mac n' cheese


Perhaps try going to Costco and buy a life time supply of KD?

And to Sao Paulo?? Man, that sucks...

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Seriously, that's a travesty.

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But I think I know the problem, you need to be looking for "Maccarão e Queijo"...

13, is that the emergency year- supply food they sell for like $3,000?

I'd go with making it homemade, its probably cheeper then buying a year supply. Anyways homemade mac 'n cheese is better then box made.

I don't think OP's wife is necessarily sad about not having Mac and cheese, but more like she's sad about not having something so simple as Mac and cheese. It might be an effect of moving to brazil, everything is just sinking in. Something so common where they came from isn't down there. Kind of a culture shock.

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You know those stories of Brazil, it might not be the 'Mac-n-cheese' you've known and loved..

Noodles, cheese, milk, butter. Not hard to find... Make it from scratch.

To 103, and op's wife gf w.e. You know Brazil isn't part of the third world and will have macaroni and cheese right?? I'd cry more about the Mosquitos,the venomous snakes or poisonous spiders. Oh and the poison arrow frogs. But I'm sure you'd have to worry about that in the jungle and not a big city like Rio. Bon voyage.

Seriously. Making it from scratch it stupidly easy.

138 - The FML said they don't have access to macaroni and cheese...

Holy crap, mail order that girl some mac n' cheese

Funny, I had Mac and Cheese this morning. I can't imagine not having it with me all the time in the cupboards.

Also make her some out of noodles, milk, butter and cheese.

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Yeah order her some mac n cheese. Some mac n cheese, mac-mac-n-cheese, Mac n cheese, mac-mac-n-cheese.

"Today my pregnant wife cried over something that I don't think is reason to cry over. FML." Get over yourself bud. She's your wife and she's carrying your child. She suffers morning sickness, cramps and her emotions are running all over the place and you think it's an "FML" moment just because she cried over Mac 'n' cheese? Wow.

First things that popped up in my mind were Amazon nd Ebay lol, or u can go to the blackmarket :) many great things there >:D

37 is right, just make it yourself. So easy, sooo cheesy!

Mail order preggo care packages... This could be a sound business model.

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Well, pregnant ladies do love their Mac && Cheese.

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I know Cory from SMPfilms likes it super sized... Just watch it on YouTube..

I don't blame her. Macaroni and cheese is amazing!!!

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I think it's her inner child that wants that mac n cheese... Uhh literally..

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It may be good, but not amazing. Guess thats just my oppinion though.

It's comfort food. No matter how shitty the day was, it makes it all better...

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Wow. My comment gets buried just for having an opinion.

I'm not pregnant, and I'd still be bawling alongside her.

That's what I was thinking! How is she even surviving?!

I am the same, except with pasta instead on macaroni and cheese :)

Mac & Cheese is essential to many diets. It's one of the four major food groups, including ice cream, burgers, and bacon. Her tears are justified.

I am pretty sure they sell pasta and cheese. Make it from scratch?

I've never been to Brazil but there are parts of the world where a decent sharp cheddar is hard to come by. It might be easier to order the boxed stuff.

Mac'n'cheese is really seriously good with different cheeses... I suggest Swiss cheeses. They're great.

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Unlike what many ppl think, Brasil is NOT some uncivilized country with no sharp cheeses!

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Just comfort her and maybe try to get her to try something new. She's pregnant so she's gonna cry for almost anything. Good luck.

She ms also be easier to get to try new foods because pregnant women eat so much and so many new and to some weird food combinations.

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I love Mac and cheese. Go and make some dammit... Lol