By in_side_out - 14/01/2010 11:26 - Australia

Today, I received an email saying that the present I ordered for my girlfriend's birthday will be a week late, which makes it a week late for her birthday. I sat down and said we needed to talk, she burst into tears and apologised for 'sleeping with him,' I just wanted to tell her it would be late. FML
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well at least she regrets doing it :(

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lol now i hope she's "late". That'll be great fun

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Ok, it's kinda creepy when the first post and the first reply to it combine to make exactly what I was gonna say WORD FOR WORD!

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dude it's only one word chill

That's not the only thing that's gonna be late.

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Ouch dude, well at least she's not happy that she thinks you're "dumping" her. Or maybe she thinks she's a ****, either ways it sort of depends who she sleeps with and what condition she was in... But if you really love her, then i'd guess you would forgive her.

Dunno...If someone cheated on me, I could never forgive matter how much I love this girl. I don't think this is really matter of if love is "real".

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Talking in absolutes like that is dangerous. I would be upset if my boyfriend cheated on me, but I would need to know the circumstances to say whether or not I would dump him for it. If your relationship isn't completely ruined and your trust hasn't been shattered, it would be a waste to end it on that kind of arbitrary principle.

how is your trust not shattered by someone cheating on you?

Absolutes really work well for trust issues. Ever here the saying, "it takes a lifetime to build trust and a day to destroy it." I'd agree about dumping her. The problem is that for the rest of the relationship the OP will ponder what caused her to cheat, will she cheat again, and how do I regain trust with someone like that. To think that it will go away for the love is short-sighted. I know that I had questions when my ex cheated on me and I can tell you it didn't get better with the "it's me not you" line or "I don't know why it happened" bit. I couldn't even get things out of her that I needed to hear to try to restart the relationship.

Not cheating is an "arbitrary principle"? I think it's a bit more than that...

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E-40, D-Lo, you know, weDGAF about NoHOE.

what if she was drugged and then raped, as in date raped?

you should get the present and beat her with it

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Sounds like there's still time to cancel that order!