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Today, I met a really nice girl at a club, and we went back to my place. I was finally going to lose my virginity, but just as she started kissing me, I panicked and ended up fainting. When I came to, I was still clothed, and she was long gone. FML
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Your first time shouldn't be with a stranger... Good luck!


Maybe you should wait until you lose your Virginity with a real girl friend not some sleeze ball at a club

Axel5238 29

Sleeping with someone you meet at a club is a bad idea. Particularly if they are willing to do so so easily. Those that do, kinda serve as a warning sign. Good chance at she either has an STD or possibly would have given you one at some point. I'ts 2014 STD's are much more common and people don't take them as seriously as they should. Also, practice safe sex if you are fwb with someone stuff has a way coming back around, happened to my ex with a guy she was seeing, but weren't officially boyfriend and girlfriend. He slept with his ex then her ended up passing along an STD. My gf now used to work in an STD free clinic the rates are much higher. It's estimated that by 2050 80% of the 25 and under population now will have contracted an STD.

#40 I almost fell asleep reading your comment

To sum it up, engaging in casual sexual encounters ups your chances of contracting STDs. In other news, water is wet.

Axel5238 29

You'd be surprised how many people scream " who are you to judge" when stuff like this comes up or you are "ignorant" when it's suggested open relationships are a bad idea particularly on here. Same with smoking pot in a public before a date or before going into court. They all have supporters here.

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Having unsafe sex with multiple people increases your chances of getting an STD. It doesn't matter how well you know those people, because while you don't know what diseases a stranger might have, you don't neccessarily know what your friends have either. Most people don't get tested before they enter a relationship, so there is absolutely no difference between a guy who's had two girlfriends and one who's had two casual encounters with women he didn't know.

69 thumbs up? coincidence? I think ... probably.

The only situation you want an "F" a nudge nudge and a wink wink.

I think that statistic may be a little bit misinterpreted. "under 25 population" generally means aged 0-25 years old, correct? Sure some STIs are hereditary, but basically you just said that four in five teenagers, college students, and toddlers will have an STI. Maybe you meant ages 15-25 or so?

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That bites. Sorry that happened, OP. There'll always be better girls!

Axel5238 29

Yes the OP missed the chance at a probable STD. He lucked out could've been much worse. Banging some club **** is always a bad idea.

63, what is with you and STDs? He lucked out on not losing his virginity with a piece if trash!

Why assume she is a piece of trash? And what do you mean better girls? We know nothing about her, she's a stranger to us and to OP also. All we know is that OP is a virgin and wanted to have sex for the first time with some girl and ended up fainting at first base. All that tells us is that MAYBE OP has anxiety or MAYBE he isn't ready or maybe he just needs his first time to be with someone he knows better.

114, I see where you're coming from, but you shouldn't leave someone you were about to have sex with without a goodbye. Sounds like all she wanted was sex, anyways, so any person who wants a relationship based ONLY off the fact of sex should be avoided. Definitely a bullet dodged by OP, even though that probably wasn't the way OP wanted. Also, OP might want some medical attention, because some people who are circumcised can have the forsaking squeeze their stuff and cut their circulation, causing him to faint.

Well.. You do realize she was at a club right? Girls that usually come home with you from a club usually only want sex.. Do you not go clubbing?

Brianna_Ray 23

Better luck next time? Sorry that happened OP.

10showgirl 16

Your first time shouldn't be with a stranger... Good luck!

I totally agree, it should be with someone special (even if it doesn't make sense later but at the time at least) this should be a sign :D

You know who it should be with? Whoever the hell he wants it to be with.

I disagree. There's nothing special about your first ever porking. On the contrary, it's a very awkward and tense experience due to the fact that you've no clue what you're doing beyond "tab A into slot B" and chances are you'll be lucky to last more than 30 seconds. Best to get it out of the way with a one night stand or two, so that if and when you meet someone you truly care for, you can actually make it somewhat enjoyable for her.

@35 It's totally up to you who you first sleep with, and if you feel the first time ain't special that's up to you too. But I must say I find the sentence "Best to get it out of the way with a one night stand or two, so that when you meet someone you truly care for, you can actually make it somewhat enjoyable for her" very strange. It's like saying "Hey, I know I will eventually find a girl in love, so better prepare ahead of time by sleeping with a stranger. I'm sure she'll be much happier knowing this!" I think there aren't too many girls who'd be happy hearing that you slept with random girls in order to "practice" for her.

35, the good thing about it being with someone special is you get to keep practicing with them and learn their every kink. Yes, for most, it will be terribly awkward. I believe that it's best to share that awkwardness with someone you care about because, though it's awkward, there's an emotional connection. That 30 seconds can turn into 30 minutes. Besides, I'd rather not have my bedroom skills be judged by a stranger. On another note, hang in there, Op!! I'm 18 and still a virgin while the rest of my friends aren't. If you're going to lose your virginity, do it because you want to do it for you, not to just get rid of the title.

42. I'm not saying you should **** strangers purely for the sake of practicing for when you meat your "true love". On the contrary, if you're the kind of person who'd rather wait until they're in love, more power to you. My objection was saying "your first time shouldn't be with a stranger", as though it's an objective fact that you should always "save" your virginity. While it matters to some people, that is nothing more than a personal preference, and it's kind of a pet peeve of mine when people fail to realise this.

askullnamedbilly 33

That is OPs decision to make, not yours. Not everyone applies the same values to things, and it's a completely legitimate opinion to not think the first time is special, just like it's absolutely okay to not like babies or not want to get married. This seems an incredibly unpopular opinion in the comments, but some people are just not romantics at heart, and you shouldn't chastise them for it. If your first time is important to you, by all means, go ahead and find a special person, but not everyone feels that way. To me, my first time was completely insignificant. It did happen with a boyfriend, but in retrospect I really would not have cared if it didn't. There are times that are very special in my eyes, but the first is not one of them.

42 - why should we always assume that people wants someone clueless in bed? I'm not saying we should jump in bed because we need to practise, but we should jump in bed because we want to have sex.

It's hard to argue with someone whose post is #69 and who just wants to enjoy some sex.

@52, I’m NOT disagreeing with you that the importance of virginity varies from person to person. I agree that if virginity isn’t important to someone, no one else has the right to judge them for how they lose it. I just meant that your comment “Best to get it out of the way with a one night stand or two so… you can actually make it somewhat enjoyable for her” seems like you’re advising people to have one night stands as practice. You’ve clarified what you meant, but I suggest maybe wording it differently in the future if you wanna avoid confusion :P @42 I wasn’t saying most women don’t like men with experience (lots do like it). I was just pointing out that 35’s comment seemed to advise sleeping with strangers purely as practice for a future with someone else. There’s a big difference between a man telling you he has experience, and a man telling you he slept with people specifically FOR you. A lot of women would be fine with the former, but I believe many (though I’m sure there’s exceptions) would find the latter a bit odd. Anyways, now that we’ve all clarified ourselves (I think) I shall go ride my unicorn back to Netherland and leave this thread of conversation ;)

You can have sex with whoever you want if its legal and there's consent. Even if its your first time and with a stranger. HOWEVER doing your first time with a stranger isn't the best idea for everyone. For most people, actually. But its their choice. Obviously, since OP tried doing it with a stranger for the first time and it didn't work, we know its not right for him. We can't tell him or anyone else what to do, but I'm sure he already figured it out for himself that he made a mistake and that he should probably try something else. Whether it may be to wait until he's ready, or try doing it with someone he knows better, we don't know, that is for him to find out. We don't know him well and we don't know the full story.

You got a little over excited it happens sorry OP better luck next time.

oj101 33

I'm not sure whether to feel a little sorry for OP, or laugh at the absurdness of the whole thing. Hopefully, she left her phone number so OP can contact her again.

If he fainted do you really think she'd want to do that again, let alone he'd probably be unable to utter any words to her again if his confidence is that shaky

oj101 33

Yeah, #12 - I agree that leaving her number is a bit of a long shot, but I hope that OP at least has something positive happen to him out of this - ie: he goes to therapy and/or she gives him a second chance.

He's probably one of those guys that needs to be drunk to talk to women to get over his nerves. maybe he didn't drink enough at the club. He doesn't need therapy just more liquid courage imo or instead of going straight for a home run with a girl he probably needs to get used to talking with women as friends without thinking of sex. The rest will come as he gets used to being able to socialize with women.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to be with someone who leaves a passed out person unattended. What if he had a disease or something?

You must have a really big penis to have had all that blood rush out of your head! At least you can be proud of that!

I thumbed you up for the boost this comment might give OP, not because it's the truth!

Now you know you have te ability to get the girl just got to finish