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Today, my mother found out I published a book. She demanded that I pay her all my royalties as repayment for her raising me. FML
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so basically she's trying to use you as her retirement plan. that's pretty shitty.

Thats technically most parents retirement plan just not in this crappy of a way

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exactly! my parents are having a hard time, and I'm undrrage, so still living with them. I'm trying to get a book published, and offered to give them some of the money if I did. they outright refused, saying I'd be my money. I can't imagine it going the other way.

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Tell her to write her own book.

It'll probably consist of fabricated slandering of OP's life due to her bitterness.

"How to be abdecent parent and not a gold-digging bitch" Has a ring to it

"How to be a decent parent not a gold-digging bitch" has a nice ring to it

Oops, didn't mean to post the same thing twice.

And that's when you say "I don't think so"

getting a book published is quite an accomplishment! she should be proud either way weather the book was fantastic or awful. OP was able to get publisbed! parents should be proud of that right there!

Well it seems she's forgetting that she was legally obligated to raise you until the age of 18, so you don't have to owe her anything for that.

And she is morally obligated to take care of her when she is unable to do it herself.

Moral obligations don't mean jack shit when being compared to legal obligations, 31.

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even if you gave both kideys it wouldnt be enough

that's not the point. on the one hand, yes you're right, but on the other hand it's op mum's obligation to raise her and she doesn't owe her for that.

^ you missed the point. He's saying that certain people want everything or feel everything is owed to them. Like calling a telco for compensation, as if.

Tell her being real parent is unconditional love and enjoying watching your children grow up and being successful like you op. Not putting a cost on you. Congratulations on your book

now is your chance, move out with the butt ton of money you're making and tell your mother nanny nanny boo boo

She can demand all she wants, tell her the more she keeps showing off that side of herself the less you respect her

She didn't respect her mother to begin with otherwise which self respecting person won't share their success in life with their parents?

I think I understood #32... Not sure though. Did you mean that OP could be "thankful" to her parents? If yes, then I agree. But I don't think that her mother demanding something would help... Or she is just kidding with OP and she took it serious enough to write a FML, we'll never know.

@32 just because she is the mother doesn't mean OP owes her a cent. It's one thing to be grateful for your mother that is if the mother was actually a good mother. We don't know OP's situation. It's one thing to maybe ask for a share of the money and it's another to ask for ALL of the money. Regardless the mother shouldn't be asking for any money just because "I raised you so you owe me."

42- Exactly. Honestly if I became ridiculously successful I would love to spoil my parents. However if they came up to me telling me I "owe them," I would definitely reconsider. That's not what parents are.

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I'm a self respecting person, but my mother is a lunatic and a horrible person. Unfortunately she's rich, so I can't see her suffer and beg/demand for money from me.

Hey, Scorpion Dude-- you are not understanding the point. The mom wanted something when she is the one who had, raised, and made this kid. If the child is over eighteen, they do not owe the mother anything. The mom is generally expected (and is supposed to) to love and care for the child. She is also forgetting that the book business, like any other business, has its flips and flops. The mom, whom I am now calling Glad, expects her child's book to go right through the roof, when it may just sit in the back of the bookstore, collecting dust. Glad also doesn't remember that NOT ALL BOOKS HAVE ROYALTIES. That is mainly in the product and patent business. So, in conclusion, people are NOT expected to just "demand" royalties from their child. In my opinion, parents don't need money from their kids unless: a) medical problems b) poverty c) old age d) surgeries about to happen they can't pay for