By Deconstructed - United States
Today, my husband let me sleep in while he worked on the landscaping by our backyard pool. Ready for a shower, I stripped naked, opened the back door to let the dog out, and stepped out to ask him how it was going. Turns out he'd finally hired a landscaping crew. FML
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By  americayay  |  0

That's a bit weird anyway. I mean, you went OUTSIDE butt naked? Where do you live? A ranch in Montana at least 50 miles away from anyone or a stone fortress? Otherwise there's a damn good chance of being seen and you probably should have known better.

By  illeyad  |  0

Who would you get naked before letting your dog out? Crew or no crew what if you neighbours or passer byers saw? Next time, have some decency and put a robe on if you’re in such a hurry.