By Anonymous - 07/01/2011 13:12 - Sweden

Today, I asked my boyfriend if my ass looked big in my new jeans. He looked, and then started singing "I like big butts and I cannot lie". FML
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Melime88 tells us more.

I must say it's a bit amusing how serious you guys took it. I'm the one who did this FML and it was mostly meant to be amusing and funny. At first I took it as an insult, but it is really a compliment. I'm proud of my butt!

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bah! take it as a compliment, or thank him for being honest with a sense of humor.


Get over it OP, he was lightening the situation.

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Thank him for his honesty you stuck up whiny bitch!

knibbsy, 3314 was being SARCASTIC. God you're stupid.

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so the op's boyfriend is clearly a butt guy, and she has one. This sounds like a good situation, not an fml.

Exactly what I thought, thank you. OP I don't understand what's so bad about your boyfriend liking your ass? I was insecure because I thought I had a small ass but my boyfriend is definitely an ass-guy and says he loves my ass. I appreciated that and now am proud of it. Try to feel the same OP, and feel proud of your body especially when someone compliments you. The world is not about asses YDI

is your boyfriend go by the name of sir mixalot

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it's a lyrics of the song from a youtuber.

I didn't know they had YouTube in '92...

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holy coochi pad. O.O thats nastay

That is what happens when you fish for compliments, fattie.

lmao 53, and this is a dumb ass Fml. she's saying her life is ****** because her ass is big. what a scum

#40's dp is more interesting than the fml. Hahahaha.

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haha Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Fat bottom Girls you make the ROCKIN world go rounddd!

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Lolz the songs called 'sprunk' :D srry idk spelling :p n @ 215 ~> nicce XD

HOW. Is this a fml? I would of litterly laughed my ass off.

bah! take it as a compliment, or thank him for being honest with a sense of humor.

that's what I'm sayin. plaaaaayed ooooout. ...although, now that I think about it.. a Swedish guy singing it w his accent might kinda funny?

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how is this even a FML?? lame is right-__-

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ha yeah & it's not an fml..

and why is that bad? besides, why would you ask a question that you know would have very specific answers? grrrr. |the kid|

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I'm not flirting, but u did a good job with ur body...u deserve a star *

damn, you're stacked! wow. unbelieveable. as for the OP, omg you have a abnormally huge butt, I shall die in a corner. -__- be comfortable w/ your body.

Agreed especially if she already knew the answer. OP, you set him up. He responded with humour and a compliment. Enjoy your bf or find one willing to cater to your gigantic, neurotic arse.

Damn bro, you ate all that kid's Wheaties.

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Op just wanted to hear him lie for awhile. He just ha to ruin her investigative session with his sense of humor.

Didnt you ask him if your butt looked big? O.o how is this an fml? Cause ur boyfriend acknowledged the fact that he likes ur ass? O.o get over

So, he likes your ass. Big deal. Guys like big asses

yeah 32, but you're a mad black guy! 

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yea I don't see wat the problem is, she has a nice ass, how is this an fml?

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Some guys like junk in the trunk, take that as a compliment.

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-.- That's guys in general...gotta get used to it sooner or later...

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You're not exactly doing it right, since your statement contains more truth and less generalization than pup's. Perhaps saying all women are as slutty as Miley Cyrus would be a better sweeping generalization.

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I'm not sexist, I'm a masculinist. If feminists can make outlandish accusations about men and receive minimal backlash because "they're protecting their inherent rights as women" or something similar, then I can do the same from a male point of view. Think of it like a yin-yang: the yin is masculinists such as I, to the yang who are feminists. It's about balance.

knibbsy 4

I'd hardly call your reply a verbal kick up the ass, more like a feather to the scrotum. And trying to look "tough" is not what I was doing, nor is that the point of being a masculinist. Feminists are overcompensating fuckwads or however you put it in many aspects as well, yet you are seemingly insinuating that feminism is the lesser of two evils. When feminists or masculinists can prove 100% of their claims and generalizations, then I'll rest my case. Until then, it's just a difference of opinions and viewpoints, so no one can prove any viewpoint to be wrong, whether it's a generalization or not.

The sky is green. There, prove me wrong.

I think the both of you are takig that comment way out of context...I dint think she intentionally wanted to come of as a "man-hater". but please, ignore me & continue.

damn, I hate touchscreen sometimes. please don't grammar nazi me -__-

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I can't prove the sky isn't green, just like you can't prove that trees aren't pink, thus the war wages on. Nothing I said implied that I think feminists are man-eating lesbians. Your accusations of me being a herp-derp retard only show that you don't agree with my viewpoints; you are basing that accusation on your personal opinions, not a universal truth or solid ground. Many women will make outlandish remarks about men, and vice versa. Just because, for arguments sake, you're a right-wing conservative and I'm a left-wing liberalist, it doesn't mean your words hold more or less worth than mine. A difference of viewpoints is all it is. Many wars have been started because of conflicting viewpoints, where one side isn't wrong and the other side isn't right.

lolol comments are always better than the fml

knibbsy 4

And thank god I'm not racist, or I'd have an angry lynch mob chasing me around! Whew!

One problem - while a difference in opinion has been known to cause fights/wars/the like, it's still in no way right to make generalizations as you've made. All blacks are perverts. All gays are flaming, flamboyant people. All women belong in the kitchen. They're good for nothing more than poppin' out babies and makin' food. All men are assholes and want nothing more than a piece of ass. Men are stronger than women. Men don't cry. Women are over-emotional freaks of nature. All Arabs are terrorists. All Catholic priests rape and/or molest little children. Etc, etc, etc. Are any of these statements correct? **** NO.

knibbsy 4

Perhaps you aren't too familiar with the societal substructure of my country. I'm sure such things are different in the UK, so the playing field isn't very level. I speak about the people of my country, many of whom have a distinctive attitude from those in other countries of this planet. Regardless, the main issue at hand is the sluttiness of Miley Cyrus, which is NOT debatable, since it is fact.

knibbsy 4

5t33f, you're guilty of generalizing the things I have said. I never once said "ALL women" or ALL men" or even typed the world "all" in that context. Saying "some" or "many" does not mean ALL.

Knibbsy, you're an idiot. That is all. Please read and re-read my comments as well as Kay's, and then stop commenting and making a fool of yourself. Or don't bother to read them, but stop commenting. Either works.

knibbsy 4

Hey fucktard, stop trying to defend your friend, get off your high horse, and realizing that the word "some" in front of almost any statement will be true. Let's recap guys - SOME blacks are perverts. SOME gays are flaming, flamboyant people. SOME men are assholes and want nothing more than a piece of ass. SOME men are stronger than women. SOME men don't cry. SOME women are over-emotional freaks of nature. SOME Arabs are terrorists. SOME Catholic priests rape and/or molest little children. That is the equivalent of what I said. You guys seriously need to get off your high horse and accept that even though there are things you may not like, you won't always be be right. Are any of those statements correct? **** YES.

I'm the fucktard, yet you can't interpret and understand a simple point? Do you not read what you type? Let's see. Some blacks are perverts, but so are some from all other races. Some gays are flaming, flamboyant people, but some straights are, too. Some men are assholes, but so are women. Ditto for the other half of that comment. Not even going to go there with the next one. It speaks for itself. Some women don't cry, and some men are over-emotional. FEW Arabs are terrorists. Others who aren't Arabic can be terrorists, too. FEW Catholic priests molest children. Most molesters aren't Catholic priests. You made a sweeping generalization in your first post in this thread. Did you forget that point?

knibbsy 4

Oh, so defending myself from the people who were calling me a generalizing asshole by making their OWN generalizations makes it bullshit. I love your logic! And I didn't change my argument once. Did I ever type the word "all" when making one of my generalizations? No, I didn't. Trying to twist and turn and read between the lines of what I said doesn't validate your argument in the slightest. And actually, people with a brain wouldn't be trying to pick my comments apart to get to their core, and over-analyze them to make them seem worse than they really are. But thanks for comparing what I said to "ALL blacks are perverts", etc. Really intelligent logic there. Oh wait, it's not. So apparently my comments aren't logical, and neither are yours.

knibbsy 4

Hey 5t33f, did you forget that EVERYTHING IN THIS THREAD is a sweeping generalization? And your point, 5t33f, is bullshit, because saying the word "all" is not a generalization, it's a ******* statement. The word "some" is a generalization. Way to try and compare generalizations to statements supposedly indicating "fact."

Your original comment DID show you were a generalizing asshole. I'm sorry people are giving you shit for that, but that's your own damn problem. Your comments aren't logical. You got that right. Kay and I are proving you wrong with every post. Proving you wrong means we're illogical? Not quite. Better luck next time. I also didn't say YOU personally said "all blacks are perverts" etc. I was making a point that you clearly missed. Might I suggest going back to grade school where you should have learned to read? Edit: After seeing your other post, you've proved my point that you're an idiot. By the way, the name's 5t3ff. It's right in front of your face.

knibbsy 4

Yeah, my original comment said that, so ******* what? And just because my comments aren't logical to your and your friend KaySL, does that mean that it's a fact? No, it doesn't. I don't think your comments are logical either. Does that mean it's a fact? No, it doesn't. And, you guys are only proving me wrong in your own minds, and if that will help you sleep at night, then by all means indulge in doing so. Your statement "I also didn't say YOU personally said "all blacks are perverts" etc. I was making a point that you clearly missed." is no more valid than any of mine, since you failed to miss my points as well. And that point is ******* null and void, since it has absolutely nothing to do with anything I have said. Way to try and blow it out of proportion. How about you go back to grade school and learn basic concepts like "your own opinion doesn't make it the right one"?

HOLY SHIT! SHUT THE **** UP!! Here's my generalisation: EVERYONE involved in this argument has overreacted. Jesus Howard Christmas! Where the hell is Sirin when we need her to institute a 10 minute ban on all of your overheated asses so you can calm down and take a breath?

*facepalm* You really have to ask "so ******* what"? You amaze me. Your comments are clearly illogical to many other people, too. Have you checked out whether your comments have been voted up or down? People don't have to participate in the verbal debate to have thoughts on whether your points are valid or not. I got your points, loud and clear. Your "points" were invalid, as we've said all along. I'm not even responding to the rest of your post. You're pathetic.

Yeah, shut it down people. Reading this thread made me feel like someone was slowly sawing off my head with a shoe-lace, then putting my brain through a blender. Funnily enough, I don't think the community wants to have to scroll through this shit.

knibbsy 4

Yeah, my comments have been voted down by about 3 or 4 people on average. Let's are one, KaySL is the other, and probably another one or two of the people on your "these people are awesome" lists on your profile who you are friends with voted me down too. And your "points" are invalid too 5t3ff, since you haven't provided me with any solid, concrete reason why mine are invalid, other than spitting our your own pathetic opinion.

Just for the record knibbsy, you did use "all" for your first comment. But in a generalized sense, Kay took it too far as I assumed that knibbsy was joking in the first place.

his very first comment aside, i agree with knibbsy. just saying. >.> *EDIT* damn it, i didn't see the Sirin's comment. how do i delete this?!?!

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All of these posts are entertaining.

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knibbsy you are a moron and all of you shut the **** up already! It's just a comment!!

"You're not exactly doing it right, since your statement contains more truth and less generalization than pup's. Perhaps saying all women are as slutty as Miley Cyrus would be a better sweeping generalization." I cant prove the sky is green or trees are pink, but i but i didn't have to prove that you said "all women"... But i could be wrong...

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why cant weeee be friieeennddss

Holy hell, are you people still arguing this shit? Move on! It's over!

It's all the noobs, Doc. They just want some time in the spotlight, too.

This is not a FML . i dont like people who take stuff tooo seriously :/ Like if he said "i like big butts, i cannot lie" :D lmfao ill be like Singing the whole song with him :d LMFAO your BF deserves a kiss :D IF u dont like his jokes , i can have him :)) You other brothers can't deny That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist And a round thing in your face You get sprung Wanna pull up tough Cuz you notice that butt was stuffed :O LIKE TWINKIES :D lmfao

I love your comments Kay so subtle and yet you seem to win every argument put before you.

wait I've got these arguments mixed up.... didn't see knibbsy first comment. ksl's first comment made him look like a steriotyping asshole, knibbsy's first comment did too... ur all arguing what I'm pretty sure is the exact same point. oh and men are scientifically stronger than women (GENERALLY) now of course there are plenty of women who could kick a mans ass, but GENERALLY because testosterone is a muscle stimulant and enhancer and is found present in men and not women (usually) then a man would be stronger than a woman if they have done the exact same workout in the same timeframe

I'm with what's his nuts because a. it's funnier that way, and b. I find many facets of feminism to be absurd. Men and women can never be completely equal because we are fundamentally different. Pick 10 random men and 10 random women and have a tug of war. Men will win every time. Not to say males are superior, quite the contrary. Women excel at some things while men excel at others. blah blah blah etc. The thing that annoys me more than anything is that many feminists are incapable if letting any comment or slight go. Every retort I read made me want to yawn. Learn to count to 10 and take your self-righteous fingers off the keys and the human condition will be a lot better off. Sarcasm and lightly veiled humour are nothing to get in a tizzy about. PS. I expect a torrid rebuke but I hope that you can count to 10 and let it go. If you cannot, however, I must simply say "yawn."

You guys that are always on this website, think you are always right just because you have more comments than the person you are arguing against. You make fun of a noob because he "wants to be in the spotlight", but you comment everyday trying to solidify yourself in the FML "community", AKA annoying, arrogant people who think they are always right.

I'm not sure you guys saw my post where I asked you to wind this down. Or you ignored it. But for your sakes I'm going to assume the former. This thread is long and difficult enough for people to scroll all the way past, so let's drop it and not make it even more tiresomely long, okay? Okay!

kaysal lost this one. he had better sentences and points and kaysal just retaliated with words and took it personal

Lol maybe not correct but they are true at some point. Priests do violate young kids, mostly terrorists are arabian/muslims, womem are more emotional, men cry but not allot. there i think i made my point

sometimes the sky is green it looks pretty cool