By kenzieeeee - United States
Today, I got stuck in a blizzard. My mother never picked me up like she was supposed to, and wasn't answering her phone. After walking around for a half hour, freezing, I finally found her. Where was she? Sitting in Pizza Hut, having a great time. FML
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By  Tigg3r  |  3

It's possible #6. Even though I prefer Little Ceasers, it is possible. It's also very very warm. OP, FYL because that must've been frikken cold!! I should know, I'm part lizard! XD jk jk.

By  CallMeHush  |  0

I know you might not look as "cute" but it is winter people, dress for the weather and in the long run you will be so much happier. When that nice warm car your riding in breaks down it can get cold quick, warm clothes are not just for walking around, snowball fights and skiing.