By A.Summers - 30/09/2013 22:41 - United Kingdom - Glasgow

Today, my parents surprised me by redecorating my room. I think they were more surprised by the box of naughty toys under my bed. FML
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Squirrel1256 15

Might need to put those in a better hiding place, or at least in a container you can lock.


silver-lining: it wasn't a pregnancy test

I'm wondering about her age. if she's 18+ I wouldn't be as concerned, but if she's 13 I'd flip out.

YDI because you keep sex toys at your parents house where they can easily be found, but FYL because you had no way of knowing they would redecorate your room for you

What going bump in the night might not be always what it seems to be... And sorry OP it just comes down to bad luck and find a better place.

Assuming OP lives at home with her parents, where else is she going to keep them?

I lived with my parents until I went to university, was I supposed to avoid exploring my sexuality up until then? Sexual repression is how you end up with freshers week ***** who'll sleep with anyone just for the experience.

2 - How is under her bed somewhere easily found? I would'nt expect my parent to go snooping around under my bed.

It might be better to hide them between your mattress and box spring next time.

I keep mine all neat and tidy in a pink box on my bedside table. My parents don't go into my room to see it, and the very few times that they had, they just assumed it was my make up box :P

Squirrel1256 15

Might need to put those in a better hiding place, or at least in a container you can lock.

JulianaBlackburn 19

At least your room is redecorated? Still, FYL OP :/

Am I the only one who hates it when they do that?

Dayum girl, keep those toys on lockdown.

PandaBurst 10

Maybe save your money to get your own place before you spend it on sex toys? Just a thought...

They must be some seriously expensive sex toys if stopping buying them would be enough to pay for rent!

graceinsheepwear 33

Maybe OP is underage. There's nothing that says they are or aren't old enough to move out.

Kallian_fml 21

Somehow I doubt OP is underage if she has a box of sex toys. Every sex shop I've ever seen requires you to have ID.

I don't know, there's always the Internet.

graceinsheepwear 33

Except that they sell about 6 varieties of sexual vibrators with the condoms in most drugstores now. CVS, Walgreens. It's mainstream. And I don't mean sore muscle ones. I mean pink ones on various shapes targeting women.

Kallian_fml 21

Ah, well we don't have any of those drugstores around here. Fair enough.

I've never been asked for ID when going into an adult store, so maybe she is underage

I know many highschool girls with toys...

not where I live I only know cause school people was bragging and there is online now

You need better hiding places, OP. Especially if you live with your parents. But FYL; that would've been a terribly embarrassing thing to have to explain.

Jst4kicks 16

I hope they'll understand, they were young once :P

graceinsheepwear 33

What makes you think only the young have sex toys or that they don't have a collection of toys themselves?