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By  lex1459  |  38

YDI because you keep sex toys at your parents house where they can easily be found, but FYL because you had no way of knowing they would redecorate your room for you

  dawnimus  |  21

I lived with my parents until I went to university, was I supposed to avoid exploring my sexuality up until then? Sexual repression is how you end up with freshers week sluts who'll sleep with anyone just for the experience.

  letmehavemytea  |  21

I keep mine all neat and tidy in a pink box on my bedside table. My parents don't go into my room to see it, and the very few times that they had, they just assumed it was my make up box :P


Except that they sell about 6 varieties of sexual vibrators with the condoms in most drugstores now. CVS, Walgreens. It's mainstream. And I don't mean sore muscle ones. I mean pink ones on various shapes targeting women.