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You're brother isn't the brightest bulb in the household, is he?

Not gonna lie, I give the kid a ten for creativity, but as far as smarts .....


You're brother isn't the brightest bulb in the household, is he?

This kind of behavior wouldn't fly in my household.

#1 - Apparently you're not either.

This kind of idea just flies in the face of common sense. But it's uplifting to hear that you found the dog!

Let's be honest, if it worked, that would be soooo badass.

Ah, man. One of the rare occasions to be first to comment and I didn't even notice my mistake. It's too late, I'm going to bed now.

Life lesson #62 - LAZINESS is often EXPENSIVE.

This idea is creative and awesome, but it obviously wasn't gonna work. I have to hand it to him for the creativity but come on, don't be such an idiot.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Nah, it's laziness.

70, I think we've already established that.

Oh my goodness! That's a new level of lazy.

And stupid. Don't forget stupid.

Lazy but innovative! If you could work out the links that would be huge!

He has a point! But a helicopter would be to weak an unstable. What about one of those toy remote controlled jeeps! It could probably handle small dogs if engendered right. Design it so you can program your neighborhoods path, and now if your sick or tired, just have that take your dog! Given your dog could be stolen easily and the car could run out of battery or something, but it is pretty innovative!

This is something Luke from Modern Family would do

I imagined Peter from Family Guy walking Brian. Or maybe Brian would be walking Peter.

I'd recommend taking your brother off of autopilot, it seems to be malfunctioning.

He was doing it all wrong... he was supposed to use a rc car not helicopter I know this from experience... It works best... Jk but sounds like a better idea if you ask me.

Not gonna lie, I give the kid a ten for creativity, but as far as smarts .....

It's a shame the dog wasn't a bit smaller... he could have gotten a few feet of air.

A teacup yorkie would take flight like Jordan.

I have pomeranians and they would cower in fear if there was an RC heli any where near them so I can imagine they would poop all over themselves if you attached them to one.

#67 I'm envisioning a flying crap machine... Could be good revenge on the brother if the heli still worked.

Thank goodness you found the dog! Was it traumatized?

No, the dog was just playing hide and seek for three hours. :P

Why did this get negative votes? I feel sad for the dog, I'd br freaking out

I didn't know holding a leash was so exhausting

Seriously, especially as opposed to an RC helicopter remote. Aren't those things pretty big?

Hope you find your dog OP

I'm assuming op did find the dog because they only had to search for three hrs

THey may have given up after 3 hours...

Wow, that must've been quite a sight to see.

Creative in intent but idiotic in outcome. I don't know how your brother didn't foresee this happening, regardless of his age. Any dog owner or dog-owning family knows that dogs tug incessantly on their leashes and require a fair amount of resistance strength to keep them from running off. It's kinda obvious lol

A properly trained dog won't tug on it's leash at all, but will simply walk along next to or right behind it's owner without trying to run off. The leash should be there only as a corrective device, and for, well, legal reasons. That said, I wonder how long it would take to train a dog to walk next to a RC helicopter, I can't imagine the dog would like the noise all that much.

However, most dogs aren't usually trained that well when it comes to walking unfortunately.