By sayno2mermaids - 4/8/2016 02:08 - United States - Denver
Today, I set my beer on the windowsill while I made space for it on the table. Suddenly, the wind knocked the window open. Into my beer. Into a box of expensive electronics. It was the last beer. FML
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  Lalala579121  |  27

Well OP didn't die, so it's not karma at all.

Even in the modern, incorrect definition, that would suggest that OP did something bad, which we have no evidence of.

  Arnvs  |  8

I think it's pretty safe to assume you're a idiot with no facts who probably blames everything that happens on karma. It isn't real, you do know that right?

  CamBen42  |  29

I honestly love the wording in this FML, it brings out the sheer frustration that 2 perfectly good things were instantly ruined, and the focus on the beer makes it funnier too

  Mpii  |  11

I think op just wanted to say that he can't even get another beer or anything, since it's the last one. I don't think the beer is being prioritised.