By GopherJR - 19/01/2009 01:07 - Canada

Today, I convinced myself I needed to get over my ex-girlfriend. I spent twenty minutes signing up for a new dating site, only to find out, that the only other profile on the site of a person within 200 km, is my ex-girlfriend. FML
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No he lives in Alaska.

Maybe it's karma for your horrible use of commas.


No he lives in Alaska.

Melodyfire 0

technology does the darndest things!

lol, that sucks.

Dang, you're 21. You don't need a dating website to find a girl. Seriously.

Exactly, I'm sure OP can get a girlfriend without restoring to a dating site

resorting. sorry but i had to.

thefury 0

ya you must live in the middle of a desert or something.

lolol well she must have said the same shit

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Hey Dude

Norther 1

damn! Get outside, and find a woman, dude!

Z_Thorn 0

Awwww im sorry to hear that!!! Da bitch aint worth yo time sweety! Be greatful you found out now! :)