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Today, I was mopping the floor at the hotel I work at. Before I could react, a gentleman stormed through the corridor and slipped and fell on the still wet floor. He complained to the owner, who bitched me out just to satisfy the guy. FML
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Well, was there a sign? If not, it's your fault.

If there was not a wet floor sign, he could sue, from the stories I've heard from America.


Well, was there a sign? If not, it's your fault.

Did the guy not see OP mopping? It's only common sense to not run through a wet floor unless you want to slip and fall.

OP should've had the wet floor sign up while she was mopping. And I don't know why this is a FML OP if you didn't get in trouble, only fake yelled at to make the customer happy.

Because even if it's fake yelling, it's humiliating to be bitched out in general, more so in front of a stranger.

Not if the guy was running through the corridor, like the OP said.

Now a days, the wet floor sign is right on the maintainace cart.

If there was not a wet floor sign, he could sue, from the stories I've heard from America.

Of course he can if there's no sign. Haven't you seen Spongebob, when Plankton slipped and fell, and then tried to sue?

Bitch didn't get the krabby patty formula though, did he?!

In America you can be sued for not being a pice of bread almost

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Nope :) sponge bob made mr krabs a wet floor sign.

to sue you need to prove damages. no chance in hell an emotional distress case is gonna hold against a team of lawyers

Think about it this way: it's better that this guy gets artificial satisfaction than actual monetary compensation. Your boss simply made a business decision.

Yeah, I would have done the same thing. Doesn't matter if he's actually mad, he's just got to satisfy the customer in case of lawsuits, and protect the reputation of the place.

Something tells me you did put a sign out. One. Which probably isn't enough for whiny gentlemen who can't use their eyes... Sigh.

I'm sure you or other women would try to sue as well in that situation. Let's not be ignorantly sexist, now.

I'm not a sue-happy person, so I wouldn't. By OP using the words "stormed through" I imagine he was pretty angry whether it be at the workers or personal stuff (I imagine it's at the workers as well, but maybe I'm wrong. That's why I say whiny), and he probably wasn't looking. He slipped, it was his own fault (Until OP says they didn't put out a sign).

Where does it say he was angry before he slipped? "Stormed out" doesn't necessarily mean anger.

Stormed through doesn't exactly sound like something you'd say if someone was skipping joyfully through your lobby...

If someone is "storming through" a lobby or a corridor, it stands to reason the person is not in a good mood. I would hope OP put out a "Wet Floor" sign but the guy may have missed it if he was upset about something. But heck, if I see someone mopping a floor, I'm smart enough to sense that the floor may be wet and take caution, even without a sign.

Hey at least the owner didn't fire you.

Wow, that sounds frustrating. I hope you don't meet many people like that.

You need a "no running in the hotel" sign

Bitch at the owner to satisfy yourself!

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And then get fired. Great plan. :)