By AL - 21/09/2011 05:53 - United States

 Today, my mom is marrying my ex boyfriend's dad. The same ex boyfriend who I caught cheating on me with my sister. Family gatherings are going to be such a joy! FML
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saIty 17

Every holiday turns into an episode of Jerry Springer.

perdix 29

Seems like family gatherings are going to be an orgy for everyone but you. Maybe they'll let you hold the camera.


doyers11 0


no, shut up, threesome jokes are ******* lame

kings1fan 6

Yeh what an idiot everyones knows foursome jokes are WAY better

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

phoenixslayer69 4

And fivesums will kill you....

wth, this sounds realy bad

So, you'll be able to say "My stepbrother has slept with both me and my sister". Sounds cool.

RedSharpieInk 5

Paint his nails hot pink when he's sleeping

Oh yeah very matoure!

Number 1. Best first comment yet.

bubbly31 0

Before reading the second line all I saw was "today my mom married my boyfriend" that would be way more awkward

50- which is all that matters!

Baybe15 0

Stay tuned for next weeks "All In The Family".....

akichan15 5


well this would be the best time to get some revenge on him! Put a fake spider in his bed!

BellaBelle_fml 23

Yea! That'll show him! Fake spiders are ******* scary as hell.

quinkadink 0

Ur pic is skanky have some respect for ur self. U should kno strange ppl come on here ... Never kno what they will do....

25- Like fantasize about throwing fake spiders onto someone's bed. Those creepers.

Oh, god. Creepers piss me off. How DARE they fantasize about fake spiders! /shudder.

What kind of creepers are we talking about here? The virtual ones? The stalker ones? 0_o

The creapy kind

-41 The "preying" ones

jman730 0

This calls for a mega dick punch!

rexgar2000 10

or a roundhouse kick to the face? get it?

At least you mom isn't marring your ex boyfriend...

saIty 17

Every holiday turns into an episode of Jerry Springer.

kings1fan 6

Jerry Jerry Jerry

Actually, I was thinking this sounded more like something out of a penthouse forum.

Jdimp 1

this should be a movie

Your mom is a douche.

Out of everyone to call a douche in this FML you pick OP's mum? Really??

This is where you sabotage their relationship.

Put some cayanne (sp?) in his food and drinks, but not in your mom's. It'll make her seem like the bad guy.

rexgar2000 10

this is Jerry Springer shit!

Fuck me gently, no pun intended !!!

What the **** are you talking about?

^^ clearly there is a pun. If you don't believe me just ask the pixie smoking liquid crack in the corner over there!!

MyLifeIsWierd 12

If there was no pun u shouldnt have even commented

KennKenn 0

It's not gonna be incest too. Prepare for lots of moaning.

kings1fan 6

Keep it in the family