By herdopera - 29/10/2018 17:30

Today, my parents announced they are adding a sister-wife to our very conservative Christian family. FML
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Are you Mormon, or are your parents just not as conservative as you think? Either way, daddy's horny.

Do conservative families have their own version of Jerry Springer?


Are you Mormon, or are your parents just not as conservative as you think? Either way, daddy's horny.

Are you related in any way to Warren Jeffs?

Do conservative families have their own version of Jerry Springer?

And? Will other members of the family not talk to you now? Has the government come to break it up? Why is this so bad for you?

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You don't think that this would be an undesirable situation to find yourself in?

At least it’s not a brother-husband?

Pretty sure that means your family are LDS/Mormon. You should probably know that most mainstream Christian churches consider the LDS/Mormon Church to be a cult or at least cult-like and not a Christian Church. They have their own “Bible” and and doctrines that do not follow mainstream Christianity. It sucks to discover that your family is not quite who or what you think they are. And there is really nothing you can do or say to fix the problem in Mom and Dad’s heads that makes them think that bringing in another wife/mother is a good idea. Yes, as others have said Dad is horny and also Mom is a fool to tolerate this. Start looking outside your family and church - At least do some reading about what life is like in a “normal” family so this does not become your norm.

This is actually false. The mainstream LDS church does NOT practise polygamy. At least they haven't in a hundred years plus. Know your facts before you bad mouth someone

The inclusion of a third person in the relationship doesn't make either of them a fool or a bad person. They're all adults (I presume), and can make decisions about their relationship that make them happy, even if it doesn't conform to the norm. There's no need to be so judgemental.

OP - the religions that include multiple wives like some of the the LDS/Mormons also tend toward forcing their daughters into becoming “sister wives”, often at a young age. And when significant numbers of the community are families where the husbands with multiple wives, then it leaves many of the sons as “surplus” and unable to get married as the older and more prosperous males have absorbed the eligible females. Then if you are male you either have to be one of the prosperous ones or leave the community. Multiple wives is a terrible concept unless you are one of the prosperous horny dads. It impacts the children in dangerous ways. Basically you need to figure out how you are going to survive this and the coming upheavals in your life. Look outside your church community for clues.

You really have no idea what you're talking about.

Here's something people don't often think about. During the time that Jesus was physically living here on Earth, men had many wives. Jesus never had an issue with it. Society has since decided it isn't acceptable, and that is perfectly fine, but as far as I know, God and Jesus never made amendments to the Bible.

And slavery was also common in Jesus day but that did not make it right. Part of the problem in parts of the Middle East is the multiple wives. The birth ratio is close to equal between make and female. Multiple wives means the wealthy and powerful have many wives and the poor sons have little chance for a wife and family. That creates a lot of dissatisfaction that bubbles over into extremism.

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Different type of slavery was done in that time frame. You were either sentenced as a punishment kinda like not going to jail but working for x amount of time for this person, or was won as a spoil of war, and the biggest difference was they were not typically mistreated the same way modern slaves were, add to that the fact that they could have personal item and gather personal wealth and buy back there freedom... All adds up to a different type of slavery

Since every religion is just people making shit up it really doesn't matter.

I’m so sorry OP. It feels like your parents are being extremely selfish. For those saying that this is Mormon/LDS religion, this is the farthest thing from the truth. Please do not hate on anyone’s beliefs/religion unless you have done your research and know what you talking about.

Do your own research. The LDS/Mormons from the early days practiced polygamy (multiple wives). That was part of the friction with their neighbors that drove them to settle in Utah. In order for Utah to become a state in the USA they had to give up the multiple wives practice. But there are still some cults within the greater LDS/Mormon community who adhere to the original teachings and practices.

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And they are no longer LDS if they practice polygamy! They are a religion separated from the LDS church. They are known as the fundamentals.

Like I said... do your research...if you knew anything about the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints you would know they do not believe in any type of pearl marriage practice. They completely disprove of it. You would also know that they have asked to not be called “Mormons” any more because of the FLDS or Mormons who do practice plural marriage. Yes, there is a religion known as the FLDS or Mormons (because that’s what they like to called) but it is completely separate and has nothing to do with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints