By E - 20/10/2016 19:07

Today, my office smells like a giant turnip green fart because of a sewage leak. FML
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Just wondering, how do you know what a turnip green fart smells like


The good news is that you can fart all you want and no one can tell. Holding farts in is a real pain in the ass.

I'm waiting on the "shitty situation" puns.

Sounds like a shitty- *FML's hired ninjas assassinate me

Apparently nobody likes them, yet they persist like in-laws who have well overstayed their welcome.


If it makes you feel too green maybe they will send you home early, but I wouldn't hold my breath....

Oh I would be. Holding my breath that is

I'm wondering how you know what a giant turnip green fart smells like.

Better that than a dead body. On a side note, I'm imagining that's how you think turnips would smell if they could fart.

Whats up with the negative votes. First time ever on FML

mariri9206 32

I had to deal with that scent a couple of times at my last job. And the smell of pee. Thanks, homeless people that came through to panhandle!

I think it means a fart that comes from someone who's recently eaten turnip greens. Not the smell produced by a turnip green farting.

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I was wondering how a fart could be green AND like a turnip. So today I learned something new. turnip greens are a thing. a food thing. I guess they are the turnip tops maybe? idk.

rustycage92 23

Synesthesia is a beautiful thing.

Rape greens are just called 'greens' and purchased as turnip greens in the grocery stores. At least in parts of Canada I've lived in.

I'm spooked but I don't care so have a great Halloween and a great life

Thank you so much for giving me a context to understand what the heck OP was talking about.