By kpjc - 21/10/2016 00:29 - United States - Lawrence

Today, my boyfriend finally told me that he loved me. This would've been fantastic if he didn't say it when I caught him sleeping with my best friend. FML
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I get the feeling he doesn't really love you

lissa_jade 22

i think you might've just found out why it took him so long to say it. sorry op :/


I get the feeling he doesn't really love you

Well help me out, I'm having trouble seeing how you got there.

lissa_jade 22

i think you might've just found out why it took him so long to say it. sorry op :/

Maybe you should sleep with your best friend to get back at him! (Is only kidding, pls no lynch)

Ugh, please don't make lynching comments a thing.

Thanks, I wouldn't have noticed.

I think he might have been lying a bit...

Yeah, on his back, if the best friend was on top of him

Dodge4x4Ram 46

the title Best Friends doesn't seem so important to some, finding out the hard way blows.

I live in kansas

It's always exciting to see other people from Kansas. Like, I'm not alone in this shithole.

species4872 19

I thought all you guy's from Kansas knew each other.

There's no place like home.


He probably discovered that your best friend stinks in bed, so now he's ready to commit to you. You win!

who the fuck would want a commitment from that douche after that?

Because you won it fair and square.

A relationship is not about winning or losing. The hopefully ex boyfriend is a fuckboy who needs to get a clue. Please don't procreate, we have enough stupid running around. No self respecting female, or male for that matter, want to be in competition with someone else over their significant others time or feelings.

That's very sad. I'm so sorry you had to face such a messed up situation. If my boyfriend did that, I would be mentally broken for awhile but I really hope that doesn't happen to you. I really have no words... Cheaters are assholes. Period. No one deserves that. Make sure they are your EX-boyfriend and EX-best friend.

Men can be such assholes.

species4872 19

Yup, some are born that way, others with practice. There are a lot of good guy's out there, sometimes where you least expect.

Yes, I agree. Men (some) can be such assholes. Just the same as women can be such bitches. People just plain suck and a bad choice can make anyone, regardless of gender, such an asshole.

Sexist much? Do women not cheat? (Fact: 55% of women cheat, 48% of men cheat)

*Bad people are assholes. Nothing to do with gender. Only two kinds of people, good and bad. (And maybe some in the middle too since nothing is truly black and white). But you get what I mean.