By Motha - 09/04/2014 05:17 - United States - West Jordan

Today, my obsession with saying "your mom" reached a new level when my anatomy teacher asked what I did with my pencil. FML
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guess who the teacher called after that comment

All you had to do was go to class with a pencil. I am sure McDonalds is hiring though.


Hi I'm so glad to be #1

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guess who the teacher called after that comment

OP, you dumb

#21- should i say it?

# 57- It's called a rhetorical questions bro

#60 Its called a joke, bro.

Why can't we all just laugh at this? FML is no place to lose our sense of humor!! No matter how old and over used your mom gets, it's still gonna be funny.

"How over used your mom gets" Hahaha!

73, I'm glad you found and appreciated my hidden your mom joke

Dude fuck you, it's always funny.

He didn't really ask for sympathy. He just posted an FML...

#101 Cause obviously, insulting someone's mother, which they most likely care deeply for, is always gonna be funny and totally isn't going to piss someone off. Granted some will take it as a joke, but eventually, shits gonna fly.

60, What do you get when you mix a rhetorical question with a joke?

Awkward, hesitant nervousness and unsure glances.

I know the answer to this.... Your mom ...

Don't stoop to OP's level.

You have an answer but there is no question.

Muscleman, is that you?

It would be "My mom" if it were Muscle man.

Umm, all I can say is sorryOP. YDF

You definitely farted

Yellow ducks fly.

All you had to do was go to class with a pencil. I am sure McDonalds is hiring though.

Would you like fries with that sir?

no I would like your mom with that, sir.

maybe dundermifflin is hiring

This is funny though... no remorse!

Some self control is severely needed.

You know there's a button for that.

"Your mom"? Really? How old are you, 13?

I'm 19 and when my friend saids, "Doug! Who ate all my icecream!" I will always yell back, "Your mom, bitch!" Friends influence this shit i swear.

Nah mate 13 year olds over here don't say it. 12 on the other hand.....

#10 my brother would always insult the mother of his "enemy" when he's playing video games.