By f_n_fail - 06/12/2016 21:31 - United States

Today, I got a note from my son's kindergarten teacher. During free time yesterday, he told her, "Mommy was stripping". I was indeed stripping. Paint that is. FML
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How much per hour ;) No seriously... I need someone to help take the old paint off my walls


You would be surprised how many "teachers" make extra money in the summer month working at a strip club.

You'd be surprised at how little teachers make...

you put quotations around teachers why? a teacher is a teacher no matter what they do in their free time.

How much per hour ;) No seriously... I need someone to help take the old paint off my walls

Right?! Shit, you'd make more stripping the paint way. That is the worst job ever. Add in wallpaper and you've got yourself a gold mine.

Now imagine the other stuff he's, confusingly told her that you don't know about. Gotta love kids.

That's a good catch! Quick thinking! My kid told the teacher I was "boning chicks." When confronted, I explained I was preparing Cornish game hens. Whew! Close call!

Lol, well unfortunately I don't get paid the strip the paint off of the furniture so maybe its time to look into the polw dance courses. jk. But kids say the darndest things. :)

Not sure why that's something the teacher should even feel is her place to write home about. She's not paying your bills, it's not her business how you do. I can understand not wanting your child to spread it around to other kids, but in that case she can do her job and pull the pipsqueak aside and ask him to stop.

Well, if she was stripping paint at home and the kid said he "saw mommy stripping" in front of him, the teacher might have suspected something more sinister. Technically, the law says they're supposed to report even the suspicion of it. My parents have had child services called on them for way less, so I actually found it nice that the teacher had enough sense to send a letter first and give her the chance to explain.

A note saying what? You could actually be a stripper and it's none of her business.