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Today, I had to show a new student around my school. Normally, that wouldn't be such a bad thing, but the student was my crazy, overly-attached ex. I transferred schools to get away from her in the first place. FML
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#2 not if he transfers to an all boys school :p

JMichael 25

Run run as far as you can. You can't hide from me, I'm your crazy ex-girlfriend!

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#27 don't underestimate an overly attached ex

Transform into an orca and join a local pod. Bitches can't follow into the ocean.

That's actually a good idea unless she cuts off all her hair and follows him pretending to be a guy.

#27- if she is a REAL crazy ex-girlfriend, she knows that there is an operation...

#27 there's always a chance she might cross dress and pretend to be a dude so she could transfer to that school.

#31 your comment is funnier than ****.

There could always be an "accident" during the tour.

I would find a nice long set of stairs and have a small fall

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You shouldn't have a kid on the tour

Just do your best to stay away from her and if she's stalking or anything, tell someone in authority

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Best to give them a heads-up immediately so that a report is not out-of-the-blue when the psycho side shows up to play! Let them know her history. It's not going to be the first, nor sadly the last, time they've dealt with psycho stalker exes. And a heads-up means they won't blow it off as a relationship disagreement when she does step over the line!

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No way out of this one unfortunately

You could always fake your death, move to Mexico, and live in a tropical paradise. Or you could get a restraining order, but it doesn't sound as fun.

There are many ways out, some good some bad.

Restraining orders are for ******* who can't handle life on their own. @zBLAKEz you should be ashamed of yourself for even suggesting such an asinine idea. If you can't handle a psycho ex on your own you should turn in your man card right now!

Definitely tell the police you have a stalker. What a creep!

You're an idiot. If she ends up making him feel unsafe at school or anywhere else, then **** yes he should get one. There is nothing "unmanly" about securing your safety via legal action.

@VasNormandy a "civil protective order" doesn't really do anything. It gives the police (who respond to crimes, not prevent them) a (b.s.) reason to arrest someone. Aside from being unconstitutional they are effectively not worth the paper they are printed on. If a piece of paper told you you could no longer eat chocolate, would you quit eating it? No, you would say eff you and keep on eating those delicious Hershey bars. Same thing for a restraining order. If you really want to stalk someone you are going to do it, regardless of a pointless piece of paper singed by some I-wanna-be-cool-too judge. This is the problem with our legal system, America... people piss and moan about everything under the sun all the while we watch ourselves spinning down the drain to chaos

I really hope this is just a troll... I'm just gonna assume it is a troll so I don't lose anymore faith in the human race. Oh, and also, OP is from Singapore, so it's pointless to mention the American legal system, which you clearly know nothing about.

#68 probably knows from experience. How many restraining orders have you had against you that you've failed to follow?

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It's a good excuse to leave the country!

Run, run fast and if you have any bunnies, fear for them.

Show her around the principal's office the whole time