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Why give 3 so many downvotes? He's right, you know. How many cats OP has is a measurable amount, like quarts of milk. It'd be "fewer quarts of milk" because you can count how many quarts are available. If it were just "milk" it would be "less milk than before."

I didn't want to give an English lesson, either, but you guys compelled me to do so.

By  Enslaved  |  36

How many cats do you have? Maybe you'd make more friends if you weren't busy at home scooping out kitty litter or brushing your furry "friends".

  GothicAngel17  |  24

But cats are friends :( they're all we need and we must give all our foods and small furry mammals to them and shoot all dogs on sight! I thought everyone knew that?

  outoftown  |  26

#42 - As if? Did you see the FML below about the college geology teacher who got another death threat for teaching evolution? Where do you think the batshit crazies commenting there went?

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

Actually, every single friend of mine, including my sister, complains about how their cats' ruin their every thing. One example would be my sister's cat got up on her kitchen counter and knocked a glass of water on her brand new Mac book, that was open and turned on, while my sister went to get an item from her closest. There's a lot of destruction of clothing, carpets, curtains amongst other things.

  Zedd_fml  |  8

My friends can take care of themselves and I don't have to clean, feed, or worship them, cats on the other hand, requires all that, they can be more of an asshole than my semi asshole friends.