By Anonymous - 18/10/2012 05:33 - United States

Today, I contemplated the ratio of cats I have to friends I have. I need more friends. FML
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80skid 15

Or less cats.

Having more friends would be purrfect


80skid 15

Or less cats.

_Fewer_ cats. Sorry.

Or just putting this out there you can go make more friends...

Question is... How many cats do you have?

bfsd42 20

17, I think op already knows that. Did you read the whole fml?

Maybe the number of cats is responsible for the lack of friends. Sounds like a crazy cat lady to me...

Maybe the number of cats is responsible for the lack of friends. Sounds like a crazy cat lady to me...

1- my thoughts exactly when I read this! Lol!

Why give 3 so many downvotes? He's right, you know. How many cats OP has is a measurable amount, like quarts of milk. It'd be "fewer quarts of milk" because you can count how many quarts are available. If it were just "milk" it would be "less milk than before." I didn't want to give an English lesson, either, but you guys compelled me to do so.


Why not both?

Cats: There to fill the void.

Cats are like potato chips; you can't just have one.

Werken247 14

^ no one can eat just one..... mmmm I love cats.

iXTMAstro 6

All is vanity. But that's why we have cats. Pussies are the best companion for a male or female

Having more friends would be purrfect

When you have more cats then friends. You are the cat lady. OP needs more friends for sure.

Cat puns? You've got to be kitten me.

Calm down right meow, Carmstro.

borkchop1992 15

If at amy point in life you have more cats than friends then it's time to take a reality bitch-slap to the face.

Exactly. The Original Poster is already a cat lady or a lonely guy with cats (I don't know what the gender opposite for cat lady).

Nanananananananana CAT MAAAAAN! No? Okay.

38- pussyman could work

Pussyman does sound quite interesting. Makes the man sound like a creeper lol.

5- *any point. Sorry, couldn't resist. Nobody else did it

"Pussyman" is already taken. No, I don't know for sure, but it's not a far-gone conclusion that somebody in the **** industry has already done so.

83- rule 34...

You could always just throw some in the dumpster, like that old lady. That'll even out the ratio.

They were dead first. I think you need to fix your comment before you get thumbed any more.

It was meant with sarcasm. I'l leave it to the users to thumb it however they see fit.

UncleFreddy 5

Why not just donate the cats to a low quality Chinese restaurant? Then others could enjoy your cats as well.

SenselessPattern 12

Better watch out, 25. You have two choppers on the attack circling your comments.

#25 has two F35 on standby..

^nah, but I have the mods and website users on my side, since one was shot down by negative votes and the other hit by a mod missile.

How many cats do you have? Maybe you'd make more friends if you weren't busy at home scooping out kitty litter or brushing your furry "friends".

But cats are friends :( they're all we need and we must give all our foods and small furry mammals to them and shoot all dogs on sight! I thought everyone knew that?

30- can't tell if this is sarcasm or not. If not you need to make some human friends. Not that cats aren't enjoyable to have.

42- it was obviously sarcasm. As if anyone would admit to being that batshit crazy. *sigh* it's like the FML community becomes more dim witted every day.

#42 - As if? Did you see the FML below about the college geology teacher who got another death threat for teaching evolution? Where do you think the batshit crazies commenting there went?

coolboy675 16

Who'd want more friends than pussy?

Anyone who can't get real pussy. *enter sarcasm here*

foreverboredZ 4

lol I like ur pic ^_^

41- I tried entering but it didn't work

Best me to it! Good 1:)

But kitties cause less drama, and are easier to maintain. Oh god...I think I have the same problem as OP...

Actually, every single friend of mine, including my sister, complains about how their cats' ruin their every thing. One example would be my sister's cat got up on her kitchen counter and knocked a glass of water on her brand new Mac book, that was open and turned on, while my sister went to get an item from her closest. There's a lot of destruction of clothing, carpets, curtains amongst other things.

My friends can take care of themselves and I don't have to clean, feed, or worship them, cats on the other hand, requires all that, they can be more of an asshole than my semi asshole friends.

zen1979 16

Best case scenario; you get the smartest cat in the world, you've still got an animal that craps in your house.- Red Foreman (sp?)

#59, Uh-oh. Just realized that my friends crap in my house, too. Luckily, they use the same "human box" I do.

Join a kitty lovers group or you could start giving the kitties to your friends!

Or mates who might want to adopt some of your cats.