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Today, I was getting ready to go to a surprise party I'd planned for my best friend. All was going well on the discretion part until I logged onto Facebook. I saw that my sister had set her status to, "At Natalie's surprise party! BBL!" Natalie had liked it. FML
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  evangldbrg  |  0

Why bother to say that. It's retarded enough when people say "first". If you aren't first, we can see what number you are so why bother posting such a dumbass comment?

By  Emmeleia  |  8

ummm this is not a fml lol how is your life fucked... boo hoo your surprise party is ruined.. but hold on Natalie "liked" it... wtf is the problem then your in her good books get over it! do better next time and try not to fail -.-

By  captaincanoe  |  0

I seriously wonder how FML like this get passed. How is your life fucked by your friend finding out about her surprise party? so she found out not a big deal in the slightest. I'm sure she will still appreciate the work you put in

  kitties_fml  |  12

are you stupid? do you know what an FML is? it's supposed to be an anecdote relating "the shitty moment which ruined [one's] day" (taken from the FAQ). working hard to successfully plan a surprise party and then having your idiot sister ruin the surprise at the last moment definitely qualifies.

edit: meant to be a reply to #11....sorry #13, didn't mean to take such a belligerent tone with you (though your comment says basically the same thing as #11)