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Today, I was eating chips with my father. After I finished eating a chip I felt something between my teeth, It was pubic hair. I soon realized my dad was scratching his testicles while eating chips. FML
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is ur dad like one of those old men who sit in a chair with there legs really wide with shots on and there balls hang out of the shorts? lol if so then u should no better than to eat anything with him hahah all guys like that are always scratching themselves D: hahah fyl!!

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guess who do you mean un born baby bro or sis

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ewww D: i think i would of barfed.

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21 what would you barf at fathers pubic hair or you seeing your dad scratch his privates and still puts his hand in popcorn

urmm 17 ... babies don't come from pubes you know, right?

ew that's ****** up! Its bad enough you had to eat a pube let alone your on fathers pube!

Eww your father is digusting! No offense. Reminds me of my aunt... She used to hand us our food while scratching down there. :|

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26 were saying what if the father was like premature or just wacking it

Oh right, but it says scratching, not jacking off over the chips?! lol

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25- definitely both. yuck :P

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lmao polski girl, both your comments made me laugh out loud.  Thank you for making my day. :)

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Raleigh_bruh 7

Uhmm, why is my comment here 0.o Commenting bug......

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well it appeared in a good place anyways, I'm out foe teh nite good night fml

You have very pretty eyes aswell Paige :)

agreed too but this is so something that would happen to shanaynay (: x

shanaynay as in Shane Dawson shanaynay?

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Ewww WTF you know that's the hair that mixes with OP's moms pubescent as well whn OP's parents get it on... and what happens if OP's dad is the non-showering type. Crusty dried piss crumbling into the chips *shudders*

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26- you ma'm are wrong. I gave my girlfriend a pube for her b-day and a couple weeks later she told me he was pregnant, no we have not had sex so HA.

was ur dad naked wwn u were wit him?!? eww thts gross

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95- that not possible unless it had cum all over it. think about it. and maybe look up how that kinda stuff happens.

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AHAHA 95, you gave your girlfriend pubes for her birthday? LOL that should be an FML. "Today, my boyfriend surprised me with a cutely wrapped mystery box for my birthday. I opened it and found two curly black hairs. They were his pubes. FML" Hahahaha omg someone please submit that xD

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I moderated this :) eww that's realyyy nasty D:

..... ... ...... ....... ..wwwwhhhhhaaaaaatttttt???? that's nasty...

lmao 113, win. But that doesn't make sense. Even if the Pune you gave your girlfriend was covered in cum, it couldn't possibly get her pregnant unless she decided to shove it up her ******. And if that's what happened, may I say, you guys are one ****** up couple.

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dad win. what a great example(:

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If he had sex with his wife, that would mean he was having sex with his mom. That wouldn't even make sense...

I am completely dismayed by that... Yuck! :-|

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YDI 4 haveing a dad with hairy nutts

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Pubes don't come off that easily. You'd have to like rip them out.

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hahahaha u ate ur fathers ball hair!!

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I'm fairly certain that's pretty much what the FML said.... Very productive indeed.

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I'm pretty certain you added nothing witty or productive. if your purpose was to show off some sign of intelligence, I'm afraid you failed :(

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Your dad is either very crafty, or you're just unattentive. Either way, Fyl.

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I just threw up in my mouth. Thank you OP that is exactly what I needed to put my ass to sleep.

You're reading FMLs. You really think you're not gonna see sickening things on here?

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how did you know it was a pubic hair right off the bat? wtf have you seen your dad's pubes before? ...lmao...

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lol-Little black curly hair. Some how, you could tell what it is. Op- God knows what other nasty things were on his hands, yuck!