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  Buttsexpirate  |  9

Need a moment? Chew it over with twix!
*munch munch*
"I meant how pregnant with enthusiasm she seemed with life recently. She told me about how great life has been past couple of days. Haha"

  CleverBastard  |  8

Babies are so cool! They're like a drunk friend! Sure they piss and shit all over themselves and talk gibberish, but after a good laugh and a long nap they don't remember anything of what happened, but everyone else does. :D

  rangerPat  |  12

I'm sorry, 148? So were you like one of those special babies being born that knew how to use the toilet and speak English, right out of the womb?
Babies are not gross, they simply remind you of how small and dependent you were. Possibly still are, if that's your attitude towards them.