By Frustation - United States
Today, I started my new job, and was introduced to my colleague. She seemed old and quite experienced, so I thought she was going to teach me. I was wrong. It turns out I'm a replacement for her daughter, who used to secretly do all of her work for her because she has no idea how to do it herself. FML
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  skoob1  |  12

6) most people are so uncreative that they feel the need to comment on a picture, others say "that sucks." kudos, you managed to do both.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

The boss will find out on their own when neither of them has their work done. Hopefully they will understand it was a lack of good training and not laziness that caused OP's work to not be done correctly

  XxDevilxXGt  |  26

You shouldn't go into a job hoping that "someone experienced" will teach you, or you will be taken advantage of because of your lack of knowledge. Experienced people don't always like the new guy. Always try to go into a profession with lots of knowledge so you can be close to the same level as the long time workers.

  tjv3  |  10

Well if it's anything like where I work it wont do any good. The girl who took over being my boss' secretary knows nothing. She was given that position because she is "loyal" that means she gives him unwavering devotion and sits really close to him and flirts with him. He does her job and sits with her every day "training " . Her job must evolve freakibg rocket science . They position she held prior to this she did for a year well he did it for her then too. It is gross watching this perverted man

  Trisha_aus  |  15

Did this always happen? It used to happen to me all the time, and kids would purposely want to be in my group because, "you're smart, you can do it," But one day I got my revenge :)

  99megster  |  15

Can I join the club? I ALWAYS have people asking to be my partner because 'I'm smart' so they think I'll do all the work. Which I usually end up doing anyway. It's quite annoying, I must say.

  meggy2010  |  5

I also had the same problem. I would do a paper and turn it in, but when the teacher would walk out they'd take my paper and write the answers down then turn it back in. I got even eventually. One girl was cheating off me on a semester test, so I circled all the wrong answers, which she copied and turned in, while she went to turn in her test I changed my answers to the correct ones. I ended up with 98 (I forget to correct the one on the back) while she ended up with a 40 something.

  soccerguy2  |  11

Anyone else feel like they just read about a murder after reading 19's comments.

But whenever there is a group project in school I always pick kids that will help out and we all do the work.

  downtime  |  12

I know being high school it's a little different to the real world, but you should really work on your leadership skills. If the other group members don't pull their weight there are things you can do. Learn to assert yourself and don't be a doormat.
No judgments here though, it can take a long time to learn these skills, and really we shouldn't ever have to.