By Anonymous - 17/01/2014 18:38 - United States - Spring Hill

Today, my new calculus teacher taught everything using nothing but soccer terms and analogies, just so the resident idiot meatheads would understand. I didn't learn a thing. FML
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Creshto 1

Does that mean you're less intelligent than the idiot meatheads?

flashback.miss 28

okay, just because one student has trouble understanding doesn't mean the whole class should have to be subject to that. maybe you could volunteer as a tutor or refer to a math help center>


flashback.miss 28

okay, just because one student has trouble understanding doesn't mean the whole class should have to be subject to that. maybe you could volunteer as a tutor or refer to a math help center>

Maybe OP was the one not getting it.

my favorite is when someone asks a question the teacher recently answered. ....i just want to slap em.

After all soccer is a game we let children play till they can handle a real sport like football. Your professor is working with the children so they can step up with the big boys.

Football: only popular in USA Football (known as soccer in the USA): global favorite sport Yeah... not a real sport...

There's no CFL? NFL games don't sell out when played in London? The AFL in Australia isn't real?

Andrew891 1

it's funny how people just think of the penalties but not the training needed for soccer.

That just sucks, go on the Internet or switch classes op

Creshto 1

Does that mean you're less intelligent than the idiot meatheads?

Or it simply means that OP doesn't understand soccer. I sure as hell dont, so if someone explained something by relating it to soccer I'd be lost.

#3 I concur maybe op is the meathead. Soccer is a smart sport that has many strategies. the fact that the person thinks soccer = meat head shows how stupid op is in the first place.

Just because some one is an athlete does not mean they are a "meathead". Athletes have to keep certain grades to even play and I bet most are a lot smarter and actually do something with their lives than kids that just go to school and do nothing else.

A great mind once said something along these lines: 'Everyone is intelligent in their own ways, but if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, it will spend it's life believing it is stupid' I thought it fit.

time to learn how soccer works!

the most popular sport in the world, supposedly. time to get with the program!

How soccer works. Crybaby is on the ground for 5 minutes crying about a broken ankle while the rest of his team hounds the ref for a red card. On the replay crybaby isn't touched by anyone but the ref gives in and awards the red card and a penalty kick. As soon as the red card goes up crybaby stops crying and jumps off his stretcher to take the penalty kick. Soccer, you have been decoded.

48, said by someone who hasn't truly watched enough soccer, much less understands it.

Actually I've watched a lot of soccer, to my great dismay, and I've come to the conclusion that girls highschool players are tougher than "pro" male players. Seriously, fuck giving Oscars to actors give 'em to soccer "players." I will say the sport isn't bad to play, but watching pro soccer makes me hate the sport because of the amount of twattery.

Well, I would rather fake being injured than getting 3 concussions in one season. And besides, only Hispanics really "flop"

That's because you don't understand the pride of being a rugger. I'll take cauliflower ears, concussions, broken noses, and surgeries over "pretending" any day of the week.

Not all pro soccer players "dive" (faking a fall in hopes of getting a free kick/penalty shot) I'm not sure which teams you have been watching, but they can't have been the respectable ones. I agree, some soccer players will dive and make a big deal of it, but if they do, I simply don't watch their games and instead, watch the fair ones.

Probably easier than learning soccer with calculus terms...

iLike2Teabag 27

"With the break-away, he's taking the derivative of the angular momentum of his legs to find the velocity of the ball. He differentiates in time! He solves!"

alliewillie 22

Funny, but that's physics, not calculus =)

It is funny because that is definately calc.

Actually, it's both! Calculus and physics often go hand-in-hand

Yeah, but if were truly soccer, the problem would've actu....SSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLVVVVED!!!

You really scored a goal with that teacher!!

And you didn't with that comment.

Calculate the area under the curve of the ball that moves in a manner similar to the equation of y=2x+2 from 0 to 2.

That is a linear line, not a curve.

Oh, I'm sorry, I meant to put 2x^2, not 2x+2

Ask him to teach the class again - normally. If he's not going to consider all his students then you should be in a different class and he can have a class full of meatheads.

perdix 29


Das_is_gud 11

Why would you write gool?

wellthen7154 12

I think it was supposed (or was it unintended?) to be were OP writes "GOOOOOO...OOOL" and then he gets an A+... Meaning he gets an added A, so "GOOOL" becomes "GOOOOAL" but I highly doubt it was intentional.

perdix 29

#44, in Spanish, it's "Gol." If you didn't catch the reference, you probably won't enjoy this as much as you could.

if you listen to any soccer match, if a team scores the announcer screams goooooooooooooooool for about 5 minutes or until his lungs explode

olpally 32

Report that teacher to the principle. That's some major bull crap. You shouldn't have to suffer because other people can't pick up basic concepts of math as you can. FYL indeed.

Principal* Also, I adored the lessons where my professors made the concepts they were teaching relevant to real-life situations. It's better than the idiotic hypothetical problems that would never ever happen.

Calculus is not "basic math"


That begs the question even more of why "idiot meatheads" are even smart enough to do calculus