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Today, I have a final for my precalculus class. After hours of studying this week, I felt pretty optimistic. Until I got to class and realized that I'd forgotten my calculator. FML
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You didn't calculate a good exam plan, OP, but I won't go off on a tangent...


That's too bad, but there must be someone you can borrow one from?

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Probably not. Not many people carry 2 graphing calculators around.

There may be other students at the school that has one, or maybe the teacher has a few extras or something.

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High school? Maybe. College? Unlikely.

Can't hurt to frantically run around (the lecturer could have one as well) but generally people won't have them unless they need them then and there. Doing all the working out etc and follow through points can help?

You surely shouldn't be using a graphing calculator for an exam? Also, I know plenty people from my maths undergrad who'd bring two scientific calculators on exam day just in case. I hope you found one!

Who takes precalc in college? You don't necessarily need a graphing calculator for that, just a scientific one. Lots of math teachers are bitchy and won't let you borrow one if you forget yours.

Where did you guys get "graphic calculator" from? Maybe it changed already, but I'm looking at it now and the FML just says calculator...

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My bad. I usually use graphing and scientific calculator interchangeably. And at my university, precalculus(MATH 1113) comes after college algebra(MATH 1111)

A lot of people commenting on this post have no idea what calculus even is >_>

Exactly, there must be someone you can borrow it from. To everyone, you need a graphing calculator for pre-calculus. Not a regular. You could do without, but the immense time you would lose will only let you get one question right. Your name. (Exaggeration) I'm thinking you're a high schooler since Pre-Calc isn't a necessary course for college. Just ask someone who takes trig or geometry or even algebra since thats when they require you to have one.

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I forgot my calculator for my Calc test in College once. I went to the math department and asked to borrow one. I just had to give them something to hold until I returned it so I gave them my car keys.

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In my precalc class we're not allowed to use calculators.... remember to double and triple check your work!

Honestly, I couldn't imagine doing Algebra 1 without a calculator, let alone any higher math. Physics is even hard WITH a calculator. I feel sorry for OP on this one, FYL.

My teacher has a drawer full of lost calculators, she demands a hefty fee if you need one though...

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Did anyone else read "I was feeling pretty orgasmic" for a split second?

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Maybe you're so well prepared you won't need one...but just in case ask to borrow one

I'm guessing you haven't ever taken any form of advance math classes

Maybe *you* didn't. In most countries profesors teaching advanced calculus and other math related subjects (discrete mathematics, statistics, advanced algebra and geometry and so on) do not allow students to use calculators, mostly because many calculators can calculate integrals, derivatives, can graph and so on and the purpose of those classes is to teach you to do it yourself! I find it truly amazing that in an advanced country like USA and in subject like precalculus they not only allow but also require the use of calculators.

Well (#39) it sure didn't take long to turn this into "a hate on America thread".

39- In my AP calc class, we are never allowed to use calculators, because, as you said, the point is to be able to be able to do everything on your own. However, just like OP, we were allowed to use calculators in my pre-calc class, as the cosecant of 7, for example, is not something that is easily calculated, and spending time calculating it is just a waste. Instead, we were permitted to use calculators to calculate values such as cosecant of 7, but we had to show all of our work. I am sure this is how OP's class works too.

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I suppose people need a calculator for sarcasm as well, guess they got left at home

In IB math exam is divided into three papers - you are allowed to use a graphic calculator in two of them and you can;t use one in the other one. Assessing different skills, basically. What is wrong with using calculator anyway? It's the thinking that counts the most, the calculation itself is of secondary importance. (Sure, the misplaced comas and so on are important in the real life projects, but for the exams? One point only for the correctness of the result, the rest is how you come up with the answer).

How the bloody hell did you get "hate the America" from my post? :P I think it is a very advanced country and many of the best universities are there. I've been there countless times, both for work (yes, legally, in IT field) and pleasure. Not everyone out there is to make fun of your country, so please don't give people any more excuses.

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If Newton could do it without one, so can you! On second thought, you might just want to make sure you have everything next time.

HIs must've gotten lost... in translation.

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Lol but newton had calculus. This person is taking precalculus. Which means they dont have calculus

I feel bad for OP. I really do. That really sucks. Really badly.

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You didn't calculate a good exam plan, OP, but I won't go off on a tangent...

Math-oughts exactly. I really need to stop with these puns...

Can't resist... must resist... It's a sure sin of memory loss if you forget your calculator, OP. I mean it's pretty irrational to forget that it is an integral part of your success, you'd think the thought of bringing it with you would be recurring. It's pretty primitive of you to do this with mental maths, the numbers won't add up, and it's just plane silly to try.

Now wait just a secant, how could you forget that??

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Assuming OP is a girl, lets hope she doesn't fail because secant do trig!

Now lets not subtract from the real problem, guys.

Not really. When I took pre-calc, the only math that could be done with a calculator was the simple stuff.

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That's sin(sensitive) of you to say!

Your replies are not variables, they're just too constant for me to differentiate between the two, it's abSurd.

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Secant a guy make a comment without getting thumbed down? If only I were Tan like Pleonasm, then maybe my comments would curve.

Your graph just went negative for a little while, now it's limit is tending to +infinity :) I wonder when all these a-sin-ine math jokes of mine will come to their maximum...

I believe we're tangent from the real conversation. Because this conversation is merely the derivative of the original.

I don't feel like my comment would a good addition to this.

OP just wanted to sin their own death wish.

f(yl) op go and eat some pi it might make you feel better cos(it can't make you feel worse)

Does anyone else get extremely curious when they see this?

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They don't have calculators for students borrow? That's a trifle odd, isn't it?

LiterOfCola 16

I feel like you wrote this comment solely to use the word trifle in a sentence..

I feel like if I wanted to use the word "trifle" solely for the fun of it, I'd have come up with a hell of a lot more entertaining sentence. As it is though, you're wrong. Trifle isn't that interesting of a word anyway.

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Well you're right. Your sentence is not entertaining and trifle is not an interesting word

So what exactly is your point aside from reiterating what I just said?Correct me if I'm wrong but.... Isn't that kind of a complete waste of time?

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That sucks OP, but good luck on your final tho.

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I study economy, and we're not even allowed to use a calculator during exams...

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Ya that's what I was thinking.. All of my precalculus and calculus classes I was never allowed calculators on exams so I'm sure u can do it just fine w out one too

Often times if a teacher allows a calculator they never even teach how to solve the problem without, as bad as that is.