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Today, it's my first day at a new school. I transferred here halfway through the year to get away from a girl who bullies me. She's apparently bullied her mom into transferring her here as well. FML
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Fastest burial I've seen in a while. Who wants to do the eugoogly?

I disagree, that's real dedication, she deserves a cookie! :D

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You need to tell somebody. File for harassment or something! Don't let her ruin your life.

She can file for a restraining order but if she's this dedicated she could spread rumors and shit.. Making her life hell..

Dear Arnold, I'm transferring so I can whoop your ass. I'm secretly in love with you, Helga Dear me. It's a woman.

In my days we would just kick people like that in the throat. That always got the message across.

OP If it gets bad enough report her, if it continues you may have to bring the police into the situation.

PUNCH THAT BITCH IN THE ******* FACE. I know how it feels to be bullied. It's absolutely horrible. Don't listen to anything she says. I can't stand bullies, they piss me off so much and I regret not punching them in the face. They deserved it.

take martial arts, self defense or boxing lessons. then go beat the ******* piss outta that bitch.

And why would you tell her where your moving??!

or tell her your transferring to a school, and then go to a different one.

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It's not perfectly okay to kill her and hide the body.

kick her in the ******* ****! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

87- This totally reminds me of Hey Arnold too

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Kicking someone's ass is usually the only way to get them to stop . Just get a restraining order.

Not wrong there, it takes true love to hold a grudge like that... But I think that once it gets to that stage I think it's more likely to be classed as an obsession, a very unhealthy one, for everyone involved....

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After all, In the past, we were told if someone was mean to them, it meant they liked them..

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Obsession or not, I think it's time for a restraining order! The bully is taking it way too far.

Pain is the only thing this person will understand.

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Kiss her and tell her you love her. Maybe she just needs affection

"'Cause I've got big lesbian crush on you!"

I wouldn't be surprised if you found a shrine dedicated to you in her room

To 107 - YES! Mean Girls is awesome and Janice Ian RULES!! lol you made my day :D

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OP, the exact same thing happened to me a long time ago. 3 years later the girl who bullied and followed me ended up being a lesbian. So she may actually be in love with you...

#33 i am a total pain in the ass to this girl because she kicked my little brother. Im pretty sure i hate her

Wow, she needs a taste of her own medicine.

Perhaps she needs medicine, I'd recommend either midol or metamucil judging by her attitude.

I told you metamucil would work ;) thanks though, much appreciated!

or poison. that will take care of the problem.

Sounds like she needs her ass kicked. She'll stop following you around then.

Talk to someone about it, maybe they will help

Yes please do! Because seriously, they irk has to have real problems to follow you around like that.

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In some cases, not all mind you, the bullies become bullies because they are bullied at home. Most of the time it's by their own parents or maybe their siblings, which is truly sad. Sometimes they feel like they need to exert dominance and control over someone who is weaker, and often withdrawn making it less likely for them to fight back. They need to feel that they are in control of something, anything, due to them being abused and controlled in some way or another in their own home. A lot of bullies have extremely low self esteem so they think that by manipulating someone else it will somehow make them feel better about themselves. Though, it shouldn't. I am not saying that this is the case in this situation, that the bully is the real victim here, or that I am ok with their bullying behavior. Because I am most definitely not ok with it in any way! I'm just saying that I think that there may be a lot more going on in their mindset that may not be readily apparent. Both sets of parents, the children involved, and the school admin seriously need to have a sit down conversation about what is going on and find a remedy, stat! This simply cannot be allowed to continue as is.

Give her a wedgie, then stick her head in the toilet. We'll see how she like it. Or pepper spray her :D

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Or transfer back but don't let her know until she's left

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I vote pepper spray.. Or stun gun! ;-)

Both prohibited in school and will be grounds for expulsion.. If op was smart about planting it.. Wouldn't reconmend tho..

Make sure she follows you home after school, then pepper spray her. Or make your own spray. Bullies deserve their own medicine. I'm sorry OP!!

The cat picture made it sound more serious as well!!

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I have a few ideas of my own, but they might not be possible, depending on whether or not OP has a crossbow.

Show her she can't control you. The only way for her to stop bullying you is to stand your ground and that you're not afraid of her.

Doesn't work if they beat you up. Just guessing that she is the kind of person that would. But maybe OP knows karate. :)

I really do question how long it's been since you guys were bullied because honestly the best way to deal with a bully is to make friends with them or say what the hell is your problem I don't want anything to do with you so leave me alone. If your going to post advice make it the right advice

That's basically what I meant by stand your ground. Physically fighting isn't going to solve anything.

Hah a broken nose solved all bullying issues when I was growing up. I transferred schools a lot because my parents moved alot and the bullies thought I was an easy target. Violence has solved more conflicts in human history than any other method.

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#69, you can't "stand your ground" unless you are prepared to physically fight, otherwise you are just bluffing. Real bullies are a ridiculous breed and unfortunately, physical violence is the only thing that works with them. I've only met two in my long life, and bloodied both of their noses, but I've never been in any other fights in my life.

And... Restraining order. I feel bad for her family. They're forced to live with her.

That is one ******-up kid. You need to try to avoid her and if she gives you trouble, tell a teacher or your parents. Good luck OP and be careful.