By Ughh! - 20/02/2013 20:40 - France

Today, the people living below me have been blasting their music so loudly that I can hear every word as clear as day. The people next door think it's my music and feel the need to bang on the wall and blast their music just as loudly in revenge. I have two very important exams tomorrow. FML
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Communication is key. Just simply go talk to both neighbors calmly.

Sound-cancelling headphones. Best investment you'll ever make.


Communication is key. Just simply go talk to both neighbors calmly.

Telescope 1

Or try to find somewhere else to study.

I don't think OP should have to leave their home to get some peace and quiet. Like 1 said, communication is key.

**** talking. I shouldn't have to leave my home to confront an ass hole because they're doing their ass hole thing. Call the cops!

I heard the library was a good place to study

What 1 said. Geez why can't people use their words?

If they're blasting music so loud, how will OP communicate with them.

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I would wait until about 3 am, and then start blasting the most obnoxious song I had. That is how you communicate.

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But then you're not making the situation intresting! :/

Except it has hours which do not always coincide with when you want to study.

I have personally found that communicating not-so-calmly at 2 in the morning also has the desired results...

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Start blasting the "My little pony" theme song and then leave... For 6 hours. Come back, turn it off and go to bed like nothing ever happened.

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But there's always the possibility that OP is too lazy to get up and march up and down their apartment.

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4 OP is probably worried about sleep, too

OP will make a song of course! With him rapping about terrible both neighbours are!

And this is why you should visit your neighbors to show them that its not you that's at fault. And for lost sleep, there are always extra studying though, it's probably going to be fine :and you could always try to explain your situation

Plug your headphones in and go on

53 - I share your caution, so I checked it out. It's available as a free download from cnet. Thanks, #3.

Sound-cancelling headphones. Best investment you'll ever make.

Some people (like me) can't concentrate with headphones on. I prefer having a boom-box or radio, but that wouldn't work either in this case.

That should not be necessary in your own home. Just asking them to stop should be enough... I hope so for OP. I've got a similar situation here, but I'm to scared to go talk T_T

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I hope that the people below you at least had the common decency to not play Nicki Minaj or Justin Beiber.

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Oh crap. I didn't realise it at the time of writing, but now I'll have to defend myself from a flood of comments from hormonal tween girls defending their "Beiber fiever"

13- Lol doubt it anyone on here says there for bieber and they get thumbed down to hell haha so I don't think you'll have to defend yourself.

Haha, you bring them into this equation? Must be important to mention them.. Nicki Minaj is the Queen and JB getting money.

58 - Hitler was a ruler and he made pretty good money...your point?

101- Unnecessary. Not everyone has to agree with your taste in music. Don't call a woman a hoe for stating an opinion.

Omg how dare you insult the best singer alive like seriously he is just so amazing. You're just jealous you aren't him so don't be like trying to put him down. -______-

I second that. Even though studying at home is best, it doesn't seem like OP has the luxury of wasting time building bridges between his neighbors.

Go to your next door neighbour and explain and go downstairs and tell them to pipe it down

Is it at least decent music? I'll second the call for noise cancelling headphones. A wise investment.

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I don't think it's decent music if they put it as an FML...

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Go to the library, problem solved