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Today, a week after moving into my new house, I'm seriously considering suing the previous occupant. He failed to mention how the neighbor has his own band and rehearses every other day until 2am. Their music is so bad, it sounds like the wailing of a cat being tortured to death. FML
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If it's so loud that you can hear from the next house, maybe you can call the police for a noise violation...? That's a thing, right?


#8: In #1's defense, I can never remember the correct spelling either. I don't find it important.

I before E except after C, and when it sounds like A as in "neighbor" and "weigh," and weekends and holidays and all throughout May. But you'll always be wrong no matter what you say.

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Justin Beavis. Because he's a butthead.

Sorry 12- it's just the one thing that irks me the most.

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This @26... Or if you know any German, the German ie sounds like ee and the ei sounds like I. So Justin Bieber like bee-ber and not by-ber.

65, I actually learned it from Comedy Central, not in school. :P

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Definitely, 26. My last name is Teichman. Pronounced like "tie-sh-man." People are constantly saying tech-man and teek-man. It's german. It's a constant struggle.

#8 as if anyone cares about the correct spelling of a bastard's name

The rule works fine as "I before E, except after C, when the sound you want is 'ee"." Shame no-one teaches that.

Fiddle with your neighbor's circuit breaker. Instant silence.

why even play till 2am?? thats just asking for trouble

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Or since he does this every other day **** with them on the "off" days. Payback is a bitch.

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Or he could join the band and become the fiddle player.. Either way I think fiddling is a solid option

Or, instead of causing a lawsuit with his neighbor, he could go over, and calmly ask them to not practice so loudly or so late.

I take it you won't be buying tickets to their concert?

If it's so loud that you can hear from the next house, maybe you can call the police for a noise violation...? That's a thing, right?

Yes, I'm pretty sure this should fall within noise pollution and OP has every right to call the police in this situation.

remember "Rock n roll aint no noise pollution";)

Most states have noise pollution laws after 10-11pm. Definitely call the cops next time.

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There are probably local noise ordinances that will help you. Try asking them nicely to please keep their rehearsals to a decent hour (or invest in some soundproofing). If they don't, go over again and tell them the next time it happens you will be calling the police. And then if it happens again make sure you follow through. If there's one thing I can't stand it's inconsiderate neighbors.

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Correct me if I'm wrong here ... But I don't think you can sue for that reason in most places.

I hope OP is kidding about suing, he is not going to earn a damn thing. The previous owners are not obligated to tell about the neighbors. Why would they want to drive a potential buyer away on purpose?

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It depends on the area. My dad worked with homebuyers/sellers and depending on the area there were different clauses in the contract that said things like this had to be disclosed. It was common in a lot of small towns, but not really in cities. I don't think suing is the way to go though. Deal with the people causing the noise.

Suing won't work, but calling the cops to report a noise violation probably will.

Acually im studying this at the moment. Op can sue on the ground of "not disclosing material facts." the material fact being, the band

The fact the neighbor has a band is not a material fact about the house. They would never win this case unless their contract for the sale specifically promised quiet.

Actually, the sales contract doesnt have to specify it, it already includes anything outside normal boundries. So it would, in fact, include something like this. I would just call the cops though. Much easier and faster process.

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Go over every night and start it off with "Hey! Heard y'all playing!".... Then give them multiple critiques and tell them "when I was your age" stories. They will eventually play very quietly if you are persistent.

Invest in ear plugs?? That really sucks! Sorry

Not sure why this is downvoted, its sound advice.