By ShowerStar - 15/08/2012 21:14 - United States - Mequon

Today, I realized that my neighbors can not only hear me singing in the shower through my apartment's paper-thin walls, they also take great delight in recording it so that they can play it at high volume for their friends when they next throw a party. I want to disappear. FML
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Psych101 9

In the middle of the shower, stop singing and say "I hope the neighbors don't find out I killed their cat..."

I'm guessing your favorite song is Houdini by Foster the People?


I'm guessing your favorite song is Houdini by Foster the People?

if OP did sing anything from Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus then suicide does seem like a reasonable option

Um you are amazing because I love foster the people and you're awesome!!!

"I don't want to live on this planet anymore. "Tv reference anyone?

jose562 5

I love Foster the People and Houdini is my fav song.

#49 I'm amazing because of that? Well that somewhat sucks.

ruabadfishtoo 0

37- I hate to be a killjoy, but speaking as someone who's been suicidal, please don't make jokes like that. it's insensitive

86, If everyone was to not comment because it's not "nice" or it's "insensitive" no one would be able to write anything. Just because you are offended doesn't mean we shouldn't write it.

Suck it up butter cup, I've felt that way to but It's the Internet... If your not mature enough to deal with suicide jokes maybe you stick to sudoku like the other recent poster

ruabadfishtoo 0

There are things you shouldn't joke about "buttercup". Yes this is the internet but that doesn't make it any better to say shit like that. And if you've really felt that way before, you would've felt the same way as I did when I read that. Just please think before you type


Holy shit 108 your a ******* PUSSY

That Futurama joke has been declared not funny anymore do to over use, especially when used over small annoyances. Apparently the internet decided this a while back.

constipatedlady 0

108 there is absolutely nothing that should not be joked about, be it rape, suicide, or rabbits. Perhaps you were so depressed because you lack a proper sense of humor. I know this because I'd kill myself if I lacked a sense of humor.

If your worried about insensitive jokes you shouldn't be on this site!

ruabadfishtoo 0

112- I'f you're going to insult me at least spell right.

Not be a dick 124, but he/she spelled correctly, just use the wrong word. You should've said "you should use proper grammar." It's not too late to become a grammar nazi!

Sorry, OP! There were old people below my family who would eavesdrop on us all the time. :(

This is the 2nd recent FML involving nosy fuckballs neighbors. What is happening?!?

zuzupetalsYO 11

Stupid **** ball ass crickets!

Sing Spice Girls songs really loudly and totally out of tune. You need to sound bad enough to shatter glass. They will tire of you very quickly.

chellytiger 12

Are you at least a good singer?

lolololer 8

she must be since she is ShowerStar!

iseyixes 18

I'm guessing she isn't since she is embarrassed and the neighbors play it for guests; doubtfully because they think she is awesome, more likely because they want to fall on their asses laughing at her.

fylx100 19

4- I know I'm probably going to get thumbed down but I have to ask; Is your last name Johnson? Also, do you live in Florida? Because you look exactly like someone I sorta know and the age matches too. That is assuming from your username that your first name is Chelsea.

imavelociraptor 6

Not necessarily. I'm a pretty decent singer and people tell me i'm good. and i have recordings on my phone but if someone listened to them i would freak out. You never sound as good to yourself as you do to other people.

I'm going to OP's next concert. Who's with me? :D

Psych101 9

In the middle of the shower, stop singing and say "I hope the neighbors don't find out I killed their cat..."

Your neighbors need to disappear. Freaks.

I agree with 6! Those are some weird ass neighbors.

nickownes1 3

Another reason I don't sing in the shower.. ((:

zuzupetalsYO 11

7-what are the other reasons?

...the water turns into blood. Just like the movie Carrie.

Just sayin if there recordig you for a PARTY they prolly think your good and there to lazy to download somethin off of itunes

zuzupetalsYO 11

Bro have you seen your picture u have obama n pokmenon comon now

*"Brother, have you seen your picture? You have Obama and Pokemon. Come on, now!?" That doesn't even make sense when it's said grammatically correct. You've failed.

You know you fail at spelling when the corrections give you a good sense of what you meant to write.

kittytub 12

FML has taught me so much about grammar and spelling.

*gets to comment 8* YOLO1117. ...I knew then that it would be a bad comment.

76- RIGGGGHHTTT!! I only read it because I knew the comments would be hilarious!! I was right!

Rules of FML Land: 1- Never say yolo. 2- Never say swag. 3- Never misspell that many times in a sentence. The only time you can break these rules is if you are being sarcastic, making fun of the idiots who do say it.

Your neighbors are creepy stalkers. I would call the police, like, now.

lucyy123 14

I love ur user name and icon pic! :) #hardcoredirectioner

Is the definition of stalker actually this lost now? They are sat in their own home doing whatever and suddenly hear loud singing. You're suggesting that recording noise they overhear whilst in their own home makes them stalkers?

9- you live for them? I live for my little sister because she relies on me. Does a boy band rely on you? That's so weird.

Natalle11 6