By Ew?Really? - 4/8/2014 05:42 - United States - Montrose
Today, my husband was disgusted by me expressing breast milk while we were in the shower together. This is the same man who thinks it's funny to pee on my legs because, "It'll wash off." FML
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Okay, first off, I did not detect even the slightest ounce of sarcasm in that comment. And second of all, this thread is pointless. There's no hope in saving it, so it's breast if I end it here before it pisses anyone off.

By  Zero_TAlent_  |  23

If he was your boyfriend, fine. But he's your husband. You had a change to turn back a while ago. Haha, you're stuck with him now! X)

  natattack1999  |  4

52, People take marriage and divorce to lightly. It's supposed to be a life long commitment. And a divorce because he's a hypocrite when it comes to bodily fluids? That's stupid especially when they have a child.