By Ew?Really? - / Monday 4 August 2014 05:42 / United States - Montrose
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Okay, first off, I did not detect even the slightest ounce of sarcasm in that comment. And second of all, this thread is pointless. There's no hope in saving it, so it's breast if I end it here before it pisses anyone off.

By  Zero_TAlent_  |  23

If he was your boyfriend, fine. But he's your husband. You had a change to turn back a while ago. Haha, you're stuck with him now! X)

  natattack1999  |  4

52, People take marriage and divorce to lightly. It's supposed to be a life long commitment. And a divorce because he's a hypocrite when it comes to bodily fluids? That's stupid especially when they have a child.