By Ew?Really? - 04/08/2014 05:42 - United States - Montrose

Today, my husband was disgusted by me expressing breast milk while we were in the shower together. This is the same man who thinks it's funny to pee on my legs because, "It'll wash off." FML
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Next time you should pee on him and say "Well, at least it wasn't breast milk".


The husband should learn not to get pissed off unless he wants to get pissed on.

milk_cookies83 5

You breast stop with the puns, they're pissing me off.

If you get pissed that easily, urine trouble.

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Never mind, Apparently that was once believed to be true, but then research was conducted which proved that belief to be wrong.

All the comments on this got thumbs down, I can't be the only person who finds that funny loool.

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Okay, first off, I did not detect even the slightest ounce of sarcasm in that comment. And second of all, this thread is pointless. There's no hope in saving it, so it's breast if I end it here before it pisses anyone off.

deathstar3548 14

Next time you should pee on him and say "Well, at least it wasn't breast milk".

Unfortunately one of the downsides to female anatomy is the inability to direct pee.

So, are you saying even if she stands close to him she wouldn't be able to get any on him whatsoever? I disagree.

She'd probably only hit him with back-splash, she'd need to stand OVER a part of him to get him fully.

XBurytheCastleX 25

Believe it or not, I am female and can aim. It's something a girl has to train herself to do, but it's possible.

Consider me impressed! As far as I know, my pee goes straight down. May need to work on that now that it may be possible...

You just have to move your whole pelvis rather than just a tube.

This entire thread is fascinating. Soon I'll be witnessing females conducting aiming contests to see who can shoot through the bullseye.

my cousin won in 'peeing distance' games against boys. if you pee hard enough you can aim lol.

Why has this become of interest to you people? -.-

Anatomy and the human body is interesting!

You can also pull the skin up with your hand just above your lady bits. This makes the stream shoot forward so you can aim.

Yea if you put your hand down there aiming is easy

Yeah he should definitely piss off instead of pissing ON. On OP, that is.

Were you aiming for him while you were expressing? I guess sharing bodily fluids is one way of showing each other love... :)

I personally find it sexy. Is that weird?

Schizomaniac 24

Are you a Cambodian immigrant?

sexpectations 15

I get what you did there, but she's not a cow.

Drag0nb0rn 22

Quit oppressing otherkin #tw otherkin

Zero_TAlent_ 23

If he was your boyfriend, fine. But he's your husband. You had a change to turn back a while ago. Haha, you're stuck with him now! X)

TabooSushi 24

You see, there's this awesome thing called "a divorce" that sort of negates that whole "stuck with them" idea...

...You'd let your bf go in the shower and pee on you? How is that even "fine"?

52, People take marriage and divorce to lightly. It's supposed to be a life long commitment. And a divorce because he's a hypocrite when it comes to bodily fluids? That's stupid especially when they have a child.

jjones0818 12

Now there you go, divorce, that solves it. Fortunately, that word is Not in our vocabulary. Celebrating 8 years on the 18th!