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Today, I was hanging out with my crush and wanted to see what he thought of me. Instead of asking him straight, I tugged at my shirt, saying ''I don't know why I wear this top. I always look awful in it." He said, "Are you fishing for a fat joke?" FML
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gotta be straight up with guys we dont catch hints easy lol

you_freak 7

That is the worst bout of hinting I have ever heard! As for the guy ... WIN!


tj265 0

gotta be straight up with guys we dont catch hints easy lol

I would like to direct everyones attention to my profile picture you will notice it is the water, three ducks and a smiling sun. thank you :)

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23 I could not stop laughing at your profile pic. hahahhaha wiiiin!

haha me and my friends always "molest" each other. *awkward silence*

I like the picture. I like the name more. Guys just don't think things through as much as us girls do. We sometimes expect guys to know exactly what's going through our heads. If any other girls think I'm 'speaking for myself', then you're just fos. I'm right.

Alpha35 4

Haha ur fat OP... HAHA.... HAHA.... HAHA.......... HAHA........ im srry i shouldn't be laughing...... HAHA

ydi for putting donuts in your blu ray player

It's not that we don't get the hints, but that we recognize and humorously defy.

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your completly right. happens all the time. guys cant read minds and we shouldnt be expected to.

u got that off YouTube black ops u liar and faker

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wrong. guys are better at thinking through things than girls are. thats why there are more male engineers than female. what guys dont do is beat around the bush like cowardly women do.

Why beat around the bush when you can dive straight in.

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14 good job copying someone elses creativity. yea we know it's from YouTube

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u stole that from Kevin1811 he says that in his video on YouTube

hatepineapple 14

Screw that. If you want to know how you look, ask us. Fishing for pity is pathetic.

I_R_Genius 3

AHAHA that is funny it's a sign to lose some weight OP. Take his advice OP and lose some weight then you may have a "chance."

The fact that women like her fish for compliments shows how needy and insecure she is. Pathetic...

vb68_fml 28

Actually you are pathetic by judging her

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Not really, OP was just lame in conversing and was just setting herself up. She was playing herself out as insecure and setting up a context for a fat joke.

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Maybe so, but who in this world doesn't fish for compliments? Think about it.

But fishing for compliments is risky as you may look lame as hell. Regardless, OP needs to show some confidence around her crush. Being insecure sure as hell isn't impressive.

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35- Exactly. Guys probably don't as much as girls, but everyone needs reassurance that they are attractive.

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38- True, but girls will be girls :) I know I do the same, maybe not as obvious, but I like to know if a guy is digging me.

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I'm naive/clueless in this field, I'll be curbing back on any definitive statements. Cryptic.

Women just sensitive bitches. Men are blunt assholes. Lady Gaga is a sensitive asshole. Sensitive asshole. I lauged. God, I'm hilarious.

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48- Hmm good point. This is where girls and guys differ, among other things of course. But us girls always tell a friend they look good, regardless if they do or not (I'm not big on that myself, but most girls are), while you guys are TOO truthful. To a point where it is rude.. I'm not saying all of you, but most.

I swear I meant to put "just" instead of "are". I'm a sensitive bitch who loves attention. ;)

48 - remember that saying "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"? That cheesy-ass saying looks like it applies well in this situation.

ohthebloodygore 16

I agree with the guys on this one. Stop hinting around. Then at times some girls don't say it to expect a compliment... and once the compliment is given the girl starts thinking the guy likes her, when she doesn't like him. Or she's happy he likes her, but he really doesn't. See? All drama!

FFML_314 11

Women are too sensitive? No, people in general are too sensitive and whiny.

alaaloo_fml_fml 0

Everyone in the world should just date online. Then, all this would be avoided and life would be simpler. That's what is for, isn't it?

ohthebloodygore 16

Aria, couldn't have said it better myself. Bitches whine too much nowadays. That's right, I cursed.

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82- Not at all! Hahaha my whole post was sarcastic.

ohthebloodygore 16

This is EXACTLY what I meant by hinting. Thank you for giving examples, you bloody idiots.

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ohthebloodygore 16

96, hinting being that yours could have been taken as a hint, which he took as and got confused.

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103- Ohmy, I'm confused myself. I didn't mean it in a hinting fashion at all. Sarcasm.

And the pieces fall into place. E-girlfriends? Lets not get desperate.

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104- Haha I just can't control myself... must... not succumb...

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109- I find it most amusing, finding messages in my inbox from men... and occasionally boys, wanting to date online. I have a feeling that is a common occurrence on this site.

I wonder if they've been single all their life like me? I dunno, that still hasn't propelled me to hit on anyone or you.

Not for me! I think I intimidate them with my greatness. Oh, yes. that is it.

Well you've got confidence, that is a good trait. Well done, better standing than the OP.

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I believe dating online is just a bit creepy... friendship online is ok nothing wrong with that.. but online dating... not a good idea!!!

104 get over urself u need a life seriously.

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yeah not even a man with 200 IQ can catch what u mean

ohthebloodygore 16

There's a 'You're an idiot.' comment for you.

Alpha35 4

tttiffanny ur hair is so fucken weird...... please change it ... i don't care what u have to say about me... but change that damn hair to straight

FFML_314 11

Alpha, you are a complete douche. Go die.

alpha ur the ugliest fag I have ever seen get over ur self

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alpha you have a douchey duck face thin going on that gives me a trong desire to just punch you in your dumb puckered up mouth

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HAHA!! sorry op this is so full of win :D

LosAngelesSon 8

Agreed ^ Yet another boy win on a girls bad choice of approach. Fu** it. Shit happens(;

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