By Anna - 18/06/2011 16:54 - Estonia

Today, I woke up with a high fever and hallucinations. I called for my mother, who after checking me, swore that I was just hungover from a night of partying, called me a "f*cking hedonist", and refused to help. FML
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Idonebeenhad 17

I think #2 is ******* retarded, who agrees with me?

MrSexyPants 14

Maybe you hallucinated all of that happening.


"A person whose life is devoted to the pursuit of pleasure and self-gratification." Straight from a dictionary. If you have the Internet, you can easily find out word definitions. No need to ask here and look lazy and helpless.

katiebailey85 2

#11 someone who is hedonistic essentially lives their life solely for pleasure and pleasure alone. There is more to it but that's the gist.

it is word that comes from the french revolution if i'm correct. one of the revolutionary parties was made of hedonists

flockz 19

what the **** were u hallucinating? thats not normal you should get that looked at.

chriskeroack1 5

Op, most people pay for that and ur getting it for free b happy

imacreeper 3

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Your mother should be a lot more nicer to you. You get to pick her Retirement home, remember ;)

Wait, why does OP deserve it for being sick?

Actually, normal people hallucinate a few times within there life- but it can be auditory also (like hearing someone shout you,) is also classed as a hallucination.

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You idiot, if OP was that sick, they would most likely be unable to call 911.

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He probably thought it was just a fever, and a fever isn't worth a trip to the hospital...

Idonebeenhad 17

I think #2 is ******* retarded, who agrees with me?

Lauren10102 3

yes 23 i agree, but also you should know that it is thousands of dollars to get an ambulence, which insurance rarely covers...

iAmScrubs 19

19- Reasoning may lead to the conclusion that OP did not necessary type this while the hallucinations were occurring. And I know that the first person I would call with a fever or hallucinations would be my mom. OP's mom should have attending to her and THEN made an executive decision whether to ca 9-1-1 or not.

Lapeul 6

The post says that OP's from Estonia, so she wouldn't be calling 911 anyway.

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....19 you do realize that it takes some time for the stories to be modded and posted right? and that the site editors/moderators/monitors/what ever add that 'today...' so op is probably well on his or her way to being healthy

i am an er nurse, and so you know... a fever is almost never considered a medical emergency, unless you have other health problems, are extremely young or extremely old. they would give you Tylenol and advil and tell you to go home and laugh at you for being stupid enough to go to the hospital for a fever and then charge you several hunded dollars.

35 not in Canada medical bills are payed for by the government the only thing you have to pay for are advils :)

Yeah dipshit. "today" is just for the flow of the web site. This bullshit could of happened two years ago.

can't believe ppl can't read it says her mother checked her out ...... and then said she was hung over and just wanted attention you ppl do know what hedonist means right???? and the 911 and hospital comment is sarcasm .... if your grown enuff to drink your grown enuff to take care of yourself ..... all your mother can do is check you out at that age it's not like she is 15 and under

turtle_brigade 0

@86, a high grade fever can certainly be considered a medical emergency. especially a persistant one that presents with hallucinations. fevers are signs of many other conditions, even a simple infection. op may not necessarily need to go to the hospital, but a doctor's visit might be called for.

omg_a_BALLOON 0

Well if it was sarcasm, you really need to learn how to write with it, because Internet sarcasm and real life sarcasm are different...

Idonebeenhad 17

130 - He's not trolling, he's just that stupid.

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psychwardnurse 0

and for an ER nurse I am appalled that you would think that if a patient were hallucinating as the OP said he was that it isn't serious, especially with a high fever. you're the ER nurses that my unit can not stand because they can't get their head out of their asses. you probably are one that when you get a psych patient in, you roll your eyes and then ignore them until they are moved to the psych floor. anyways - yes I do agree with you that a fever is not a medical emergency, but a high fever with active hallucinations is - it can be a sign of something worse. as a nurse, I would think you would know that.

If you're grown enough you can use grammar, dumbass.

Your mom has only one job. Taking care of her kids. Even if it was just from a hangover, its stupid of her to refuse to help. Especially if OP was at the point of hallucinations.

Aww that sucks OP. Hope you get better ! FYL.

futtbuck101 1

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It wouldn't be an FML if the OP was just hung over. And I've had some pretty horrible hangovers, but never have I hallicinated because of one.

MrSexyPants 14

Maybe you hallucinated all of that happening.

Paybacks will be a bitch in a few years when shes sick and old. You have to put that thermometer where?

agaba 0

thanks for explaning, i really couldn't figure out where he wanted to put the thermometer

Dude I was thinking the same thing! Lol

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Say the same thing to her when she gets sick and old.

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5 ur pic is funny and this is not a fml unless he saw a clown that has a knife in the dream