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  Trupe  |  3

I just thought about something, how'd your car keys end up in his car? Usually people help pack inside the house. Unless by "in his car" you mean "in the luggage, which just so happens to be in his car"

  VraelVhalen  |  0

LOLOLOL people going on business trips usually fly, not drive. It is faster and means you spend less time traveling and more doing business so you get back faster. Fake.

  puggfuggly  |  0

I agree, it's fake. if your job is driving ( which doesn't seem like much of a job) then you would have spare keys and people don't drive to bussines trips, company pays for flight. FAKE

  amiemariej  |  0

she left her keys in the car. he could have picked her up the day before to go get dinner when he got home and she used her keys to lock the door and forgot to take them out of the car when they got home