By Ohshucks! - 20/07/2010 19:01 - United States

Today, I helped my fiancé pack up and head to Texas for a business trip. I'm not only going to miss him, but I'll also miss my car keys that I accidentally left in his car. I drive for a living. FML
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Get them mailed back?

Its hot-wiring time!


next time use ur brain and remember things

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I agree 95%. the other 5% is me forgering things too.

uh spare set of keys perhaps... you do rely on them for your living after all...

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I just thought about something, how'd your car keys end up in his car? Usually people help pack inside the house. Unless by "in his car" you mean "in the luggage, which just so happens to be in his car"

Good job, #16.

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Your fiancé is a smart man. Keep your ass home, clean the house and await for his return. Keep it tight aight?

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YDI for not having spare keys

Saying aight is really stupid and annoying and OP you should take up car jacking

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ydi, you should have a spare of keys

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#32...trying to bring back Fonzie is **** so thanks for your gay opinion

awe that one is the cutest, captain

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Her job is the Transporter move over stathom

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call him have him find and mail it

38, gorgeous pic! is that you? 

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that's what spare keys are for...

ur a woman and you drive for a living just settin up to fail

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you can also have him mail it back smartie

why would you get on in the first place.

Hahaha, sure. "Business trip". Let's go with that.

LOLOLOL people going on business trips usually fly, not drive. It is faster and means you spend less time traveling and more doing business so you get back faster. Fake.

I agree, it's fake. if your job is driving ( which doesn't seem like much of a job) then you would have spare keys and people don't drive to bussines trips, company pays for flight. FAKE

who said I was trying to bring him back?

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XFD 41! Stop covering 78, you walked right into that. XD

call a locksmith or the dealership woman. christ.

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hahaiseeyou is so gorgeous!(: and also agree with her(:

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57, haha why do guys like you insist on hitting on girls on this site?! go to not here!

Wow fail... -_-

Its hot-wiring time!

FUCK! it's*** got the first "its" correct Lol. It's ----> it is

Ahh..nvm stupid me..I'm wrong..tee hee! >:3

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Grammar Nazi FAIL.

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Grammar Jew FAIL.

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awesome pic

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that totally blows for you!! you should keep them in your purse or have a key hook. WTF were you doing with your keys while you were helping him pack?!

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Yes seriously why was the keys anywhere near you while you were packing?

she left her keys in the car. he could have picked her up the day before to go get dinner when he got home and she used her keys to lock the door and forgot to take them out of the car when they got home

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Get them mailed back?

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good have a nice body by the way(:

You mean "fuckme9"? I'm so lame(: haha

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fuckme9? what? haha and I didn't even make this account

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he's referring to the fact that you seem like you wanna **** #9, (fuckme9) like **** me number nine

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27- niiice. I see what you did there lol

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Lol nice 27

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I live for a driving.

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Move over, baby. Give me the keys. I'm gonna drive your little red love machine.

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your fault? like the other person above me said, put them in your purse or get a key hook.

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potato! what does bacon have to do with anything?

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