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By NoTeddies - 21/09/2016 22:48 - United Kingdom - Leicester

Today, my boyfriend gave me a teddy bear keyring. I had to explain that although many grown women like cuddly toys, I don't. And even if I did, a filthy, soaking wet bear he found in a puddle on the street is not a nice gesture, despite his suggestion I can just wash it in the machine. FML
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While this sounds mildly annoying, is it really that big of a deal? Just say you don't want it and move on.

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Prepare for the "bear with it" puns, captain!


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Yeah. Like if my significant other gave me a random gift, I would leave her in a heartbeat. How dare they give me something they thought I would appreciate!

Seems like you missed the point. There's a difference between giving something thoughtfully and giving something thoughtlessly. Oh yeah I'm just going to pick something off the street and give it to my boyfriend. UNLESS I'm broke, or I cleaned it .. It's thoughtless and dumb. It's no different than picking some used handkerchief off the floor and giving it to someone as a gift. Better to just not gift anything at all.

You have a point and I acknowledge what you're saying, but I was more so addressing the suggestion to end a relationship over an insignificant gift.

I agree with you. I realize I wasn't exactly clear about the "re-evaluate" part. But in no way did I suggest for there to be a breakup over this one incident. I think it's fair for a breakup if it's a re-occurring behaviour where your partner is gifting you garbage (literally).

iamscott 16

Prepare for the "bear with it" puns, captain!

OP, it's time to just grin and bear it. An issue so small is bearly a reason to paws compared to some of the things we've read on here.

Uhg, i can't bear where this is going. So instead i shall sing to myself about a time when we only had to put up with shit puns. Shitty shit puns at that.

Im thinking that people dont even want to be reminded of the shit puns. Thats clearly why why i was thumbed down.

Im thinking people dont even want to be reminded of shit puns. Thats clearly why i was down voted.

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Please enlighten the class as to how you managed to jump to that conclusion.

#3 sounds like the sort of person who leaves expired milk in the fridge.

29, you sound like the kind of person who always helps the elderly cross the street.

30, you sound like the kind of person to sing lalala while in the shower

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Jeez calm down! Just because her boyfriend doesn't beat you or cheat, doesn't make him an automatic saint. Picking off stuff off the floor and giving it to someone as a gift is just messed up, unless you're super broke and you make an effort to clean it yourself. You can't say "oh well this can be worse", because that can be applied to ANYTHING! The situation needs to be looked at objectively. This is the same reasoning people use when someone says they're depressed. "Oh well there are people dying in Africa, get some perspective". Seriously, come on. A problem is a problem! That's that!

He gave her a bear he found on the street which was dirty and wet, and you're saying she's not allowed to complain about that? This wasn't a gift, a gift is something you put thought and effort into to give to someone. This was just garbage, he gave her literal garbage he merely found on the street. I'd be upset with my boyfriend for even bringing such a thing into the house, who knows what it could be infested with. Also, just because other people have it worse, doesn't mean people aren't allowed to be upset about the shitty things that happen to them. That's like saying someone can't be happy because others have it better.

Perspective. Right. So my perspective is he picked up something which helps cut down littering. While the same time decided it might be something his girlfriend might like. She didn't. Oh well. Say you don't want it and move on. We also don't know the situation so that would help. If they were super rich then yah not a good thing. But we don't know. Also where I was raised it's the thought the counts not what you actually want. If you don't want it or already have it say thank you and either return it later or throw it away privately. No big deal. No feelings hurt

#22: You're completely missing the point. While it's true to appreciate any gift you get, there is a limit (like anything else in the world). He could have went to the dollar store and gotten a chocolate bar and THAT would have been fine! (My own boyfriend does that because he's also broke and I find it so cute that he went out of his way to buy me a hygienic product). But a toy on the ground, soaking wet = don't know where it's been & unhygienic. A USED HANDKERCHIEF on the floor is EQUIVALENT to this "gift". So tell me? Would you gift some used handkerchief to your SO because let's say "it has a cute heart logo on it"?? Like come on.. The thought of it makes me cringe. It's just better to NOT give anything if you don't have anything.

While this sounds mildly annoying, is it really that big of a deal? Just say you don't want it and move on.

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What is worst bad gifts or no gifts at all?

I'd rather not get anything than someone giving me garbage. if it's the thought that counts then the thought portrayed is that I'm gutter trash.

It's the thought that counts? I guess. At least you know he's thinking of you

I don't know why this immediately made me think of Con Air...

maybe you should appreciate the gesture a little more than be annoyed by it , might be a good start for you .

Obviously you should be grateful for anything given to you. Whether it's full of germs, could have come into contact with who knows what including body fluids, and is obviously something that op doesn't even like in the first place or not. Seriously, what's with people? If the thought is what counts it's pretty damn bad? Op said she doesn't like things like this to begin with, let alone something that is horribly dirty that you don't know where it came from. It seems more like the thought put into it was in the negative.

dammit that is a RESCUE... those stuffed animals need the most love. haven't you seen the commercials with the sad music!?